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APRIL 2018 Newsletter   96

We had intended to bring you good news on the development and success of the park and the fun it was giving Whitianga locals and visitors but on Monday 9 April the container was smashed open and gear stolen. What has been happening in the town has now happened in our park.

To gain access the gate locks were broken and the security locks on the container were forced open . We lost the farm bike we use to check the trails, tools, the batteries from the ride on mower plus the power cables, fuel and much gear for maintenance of the picnic area, trails and walks.

This is a very big loss on what is a community asset. Because we are isolated we carry no insurance and the inconsiderate persons who carried this out do not realize that it is the young in the town who suffer the loss more than the older visitors who go to walk there.


Now to up date you on progress. The donation of a farm bike, since stolen, has meant Jon Maude who oversees the work teams, can get around the trails and tracks more easily. With over 12 km of trails that need to be kept open from fern fronds, fallen trees and washout out riding surfaces it takes a lot of time otherwise. During the summer, work teams from  Correction Dept and some volunteers have kept the park in really good condition.

We have also had Sonny Browne Contractors on site with Jon to guide him in enlarging the car park and installing bins to hold shell, soil and  crushed trail rock. This makes maintenance of the trails much easier.

Power Pole bridge has been rebuilt and widened so the mower can get access to Field Mouse trails to control the grass beside the trails. The Skill Zone is in good shape but the gate close by has been closed to make sure the sheep/cattle do not escape and to keep the main access by the upper car park. There is a traffic danger on the lower Moewai Rd car park so we keep it for over flow only.

Another major update was arranged by Jon and committee members was the replacement of the Port-a-loos. There are now 2 units on a redesigned stand which are better quality than the previous one. They are very popular! I guess this shows the increase in park visitor numbers.

We are needing more sponsors to help us continue this community project. Whilst we are a club most of the supporters do not actually ride. We still benefit from their work efforts. In past years we had parents involved but their children have left the town. We now seek new parents for their support and new commercial support too. It costs us $9000 each year and this is all raised by donations and commercial support. If you know of any one who can help us please let us know. AS A START THE COMMITTEE HAVE LAUCHED A SUPPORT BASE CALLED ‘BIKE PARK SUPPORTERS’ AND WILL BE SPREADING THE MESSAGE THROUGH THE TOWN.

At the start of the summer we issued a new brochure to tell people about the park. If you need a copy to help you get supporters please let Noel Hewlett [07 866 5115] know.

Bike Mercury Bay are hoping to establish further trails up Moewai Rd. This will be a great boost to off road riding in the area. Added to that is the progress being made at Coromandel with a new bike park there. Once it is in place the peninsula will be able to offer good riding at Thames, Coromandel, Whitianga and Whangamata in addition to the Hauraki Rail Trail.

Remember you can find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/WhitangaBikeClub

Have fun. 

Whitianga Bike Park Trail Director
Bruce Chambers
Mobile: 027 4944529
Email:[email protected]

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