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MARCH 2016 Newsletter 88


Easter was very busy and those riding did not realize the effort that went into getting the park ready and operational.

Two weeks ago Whitianga had an absolute cloudburst. The State Highway was blocked and every one stayed inside. At the park the drain near the BMX could not handle the water coming from the hill behind. The water flowed around the entry to the BMX and washed the matting used to protect the surface away. Shell gravel and grass all went downhill.

A week later another cloud burst and another flood. A log from the area behind the park that was felled, blocked the drain/stream and again water went everywhere.

Thanks to Noel and Ray the place was back in shape for the weekend.

The storm also bought down trees on the TANK TRAIL so chain saws were used to clear them. All this rain has kept the fern etc growing and currently trail trimming is being done.

Those of you who have ridden FIELD MOUSE TRAIL will have seen they bales of hay lying in the open. These will be moved shortly. The flax surrounding the pond is starting to grow and when a bit older will provide a habitat for wildlife.
In mid-March we welcomed the pupils of Kristen School at Albany. The 180 pupils together with the supervisors divided their time between our bike park, Hot Water Beach, walking tracks in the bush and other locations.

Their accommodation was at motels and camp grounds at Cooks Beach, Hot Water Beach, Whitianga and Hahei.

Reports back say they all had a great time and want to repeat it again next year.

In addition to the riding that is available in our park, and it will take you 3 hours to ride it all; the trails at Whangamata in the forest are now open. You can get a map and pay the entry fee from the bike shop in the main road. Also Thames Mountain Bike Club Scarface trail and the pump track have now joined their earlier trails. Their details are on the Coromandel.com web page and also on FACEBOOK

The Mercury Bay rides are in the club trail guide, [$4 from club address above] and there is enough riding available for you for 2+ days.
After your rides, support our sponsors.  Thanks

Remember you can find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/WhitangaBikeClub.

Have fun. 

Whitianga Bike Park Trail Director
Bruce Chambers
Phone: 09 5245086
Fax: 09 5245076
Mobile: 027 4944529
Email: brucechambers@clear.net.nz

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