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SEPTEMBER 2016 Newsletter 90


The fine weather has let the trails dry out a bit. The trees knocked down by the strong winds have been pushed to the side of the trails.

We have altered the materials used to keep the trails all-weather where possible by putting  a form of gravel on them where the traffic is heavy. Some shell will then be placed on top to help bind it. Generally speaking all the streams and drains are performing well.

We have added a gate near the entrance to the area behind the BMX Track. We have also added signage about reporting any risks or matters that need attention. This is all part of our Health and Safety Plan. Let us get real, mountain biking an BMX riding are risk sports but mainly because of the rider. What we are doing is making sure we do not contribute to the risk.

Let us again remind riders to carry their mobile phone and if help is needed dial 111 and tell them where you are. Do not expect the operator to know exactly your location so you may have to describe the location and all our trails carry signage. There is a full bike park trail plan at the St John Base as well as the local police.

Thinking of St John service they have a good idea for those donating to their cause. It is a waterproof zip plastic bag that can hold an Apple I-Phone and keep it dry.

There have been cattle grazing the long grass on Field Mouse Trail [alongside Moewai Rd] but they are now gone and trails will now have their contribution removed and the surface tidied up. We have to have them to help control the grass.
The sun has yet to reach Hi-Octane trail.

We get many requests for bikes that can be hired.  The Bike Man in Coghill St has a few but if they are not available try www.haheibeachbikes.co.nz. They even deliver to Whitianga so you can contact them and book one.
As we have said before we are dependent on donations to keep the park going. They provide funds to buy petrol for mowers and saws, weed killer, purchase of gravel, tool maintenance weed killer for drains and similar costs. Our budget for these costs is approximately $7000 p.a. On site is a donation box, but if you wish, post us your donation.
We great fully acknowledge the ongoing support from the TCDC Community Board with a grant of $2000.
Only with the community support together with our sponsors can we continue to make available this facility free of charge to the people of the town and visitors to the town.

Remember you can find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/WhitangaBikeClub.

Have fun. 

Whitianga Bike Park Trail Director
Bruce Chambers
Phone: 09 5245086
Fax: 09 5245076
Mobile: 027 4944529
Email: [email protected]

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