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July 2018 Newsletter   97

We reported in our April newsletter how the container at the park had the lock smashed and tools and equipment stolen. This was a big loss to the club since we are dependent on donations and labour to replace the loss.

We are very grateful to those in the community who have helped us out in this regard. Whitianga Lioness have assisted with the purchase of a new mower and Waikato Community Trust have assisted us meeting operational costs.


Corrections Department have assisted us in purchasing 2 new toilets and a supply of shingle for trails that will be invaluable to their staff/teams.


These donations are greatly appreciated since because of our isolated location it is not possible to economically insure for such events.



There has been a delay in getting our web site back up and running and the email contacts have also been upgraded,


Now to update you on progress. We hope to have a replacement farm bike, which will enable  Jon Maude who oversees the work teams get around the trails and tracks more easily. The Correction Department work teams continue to help keep the trails open and metalled. The very heavy rain in the area has resulted in fallen trees and washout outs on riding surfaces. The drainage done over the years has really worked well.


The Fieldmouse Trail beside Moewai Rd has been grazed by cattle and the trails there are in bad shape. We plan to carpet then metal them to avoid the damage caused by the stock. The stock is essential to keep the grass from becoming a fire hazard.


A very big improvement is Moewai Rd which TCDC have now tar sealed to our entry gate. This will make it much safer for those riding from town to the park.


Another big help was from the students at Mercury Bay Area School who as part of their training sharpened all the spades, shovels and tools for us. We do hope they benefitted from this effort as much as we did.


The Whitianga Gardening Group continue to work alongside the BMX and picnic area. Having these seniors there helps us keep an eye on the park users.


With the help of Sonny Browne Earthworks the carpark has been enlarged as it will at a future time also be used by Bike Mercury riders. In the carpark we have been storing shell, soil, road metal and similar. Proper bins have been built to contain this and stop it drifting over the car area. These are mainly trail materials but the soil is to level some of the picnic area to reduce damage to the mowers.


Financially it was a difficult year. The accounts to 31 May 2018 show a loss of $1424. $1400 was attributed to the stolen tools but maintenance of the mowers this year was also very  expensive at $2546.  A bigger loss was avoided by generous donations from some members of the community who wish to remain anonymous. Without them we would have considered closing the park for a period . In the past we have had help from TCDC who indirectly benefit from our presence by us providing toilets for the walkers at an overall cost $399, but they did not think us worthy of help this year. We managed to save costs because of the efforts of Sherryn Maud who has created much of the signage and Garth Scott for materials. Warren Elmore who lives on the hill behind us and keeps the carpark surface tidy and assisted with mowing when we were short of a mower.


We continue to seek more sponsors both from the community and beyond. We also plan to establish a membership of support.  Our base cost of operating is $5000. Since balance date TCDC have made a grant of $2000 towards the purchase of a new Farm bike which has been matched by Whitianga Lions Club  towards the cost of $4000.


At the start of the summer we issued a new brochure to tell people about the park. If you need a copy to help you get supporters please let Noel Hewlett [07 866 5115] know.

In our last newsletter we spoke of the endeavours of Bike Mercury Bay who are hoping to establish further trails up Moewai Rd. The TCDC Community Board recently at meeting approved this idea and currently they are working through their plans and formalities to do this. It will be a great boost to mountain biking in the town. The riders will use our toilets and car parks as their site is restricted.


Already on our web page are locations for mountain biking in the area. This will expand the opportunities for off road riding in the area. Hopefully the proposed bike park at Coromandel will proceed.


Remember you can find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WhitangaBikeClub and on Facebook also is Bike Mercury Bay. Grant McDonald  ph 0220821230 can also answer your questions too.

Have fun. 

Whitianga Bike Park Trail Director
Bruce Chambers
Mobile: 027 4944529
Email:[email protected]

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