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APRIL 2018 Newsletter   96

We had intended to bring you good news on the development and success of the park and the fun it was giving Whitianga locals and visitors but on Monday 9 April the container was smashed open and gear stolen. What has been happening in the town has now happened in our park.

To gain access the gate locks were broken and the security locks on the container were forced open . We lost the farm bike we use to check the trails, tools, the batteries from the ride on mower plus the power cables, fuel and much gear for maintenance of the picnic area, trails and walks.

This is a very big loss on what is a community asset. Because we are isolated we carry no insurance and the inconsiderate persons who carried this out do not realize that it is the young in the town who suffer the loss more than the older visitors who go to walk there.


Now to up date you on progress. The donation of a farm bike, since stolen, has meant Jon Maude who oversees the work teams, can get around the trails and tracks more easily. With over 12 km of trails that need to be kept open from fern fronds, fallen trees and washout out riding surfaces it takes a lot of time otherwise. During the summer, work teams from  Correction Dept and some volunteers have kept the park in really good condition.

We have also had Sonny Browne Contractors on site with Jon to guide him in enlarging the car park and installing bins to hold shell, soil and  crushed trail rock. This makes maintenance of the trails much easier.

Power Pole bridge has been rebuilt and widened so the mower can get access to Field Mouse trails to control the grass beside the trails. The Skill Zone is in good shape but the gate close by has been closed to make sure the sheep/cattle do not escape and to keep the main access by the upper car park. There is a traffic danger on the lower Moewai Rd car park so we keep it for over flow only.

Another major update was arranged by Jon and committee members was the replacement of the Port-a-loos. There are now 2 units on a redesigned stand which are better quality than the previous one. They are very popular! I guess this shows the increase in park visitor numbers.

We are needing more sponsors to help us continue this community project. Whilst we are a club most of the supporters do not actually ride. We still benefit from their work efforts. In past years we had parents involved but their children have left the town. We now seek new parents for their support and new commercial support too. It costs us $9000 each year and this is all raised by donations and commercial support. If you know of any one who can help us please let us know. AS A START THE COMMITTEE HAVE LAUCHED A SUPPORT BASE CALLED ‘BIKE PARK SUPPORTERS’ AND WILL BE SPREADING THE MESSAGE THROUGH THE TOWN.

At the start of the summer we issued a new brochure to tell people about the park. If you need a copy to help you get supporters please let Noel Hewlett [07 866 5115] know.

Bike Mercury Bay are hoping to establish further trails up Moewai Rd. This will be a great boost to off road riding in the area. Added to that is the progress being made at Coromandel with a new bike park there. Once it is in place the peninsula will be able to offer good riding at Thames, Coromandel, Whitianga and Whangamata in addition to the Hauraki Rail Trail.

OCTOBER 2017  Newsletter 95


What a busy time we have had in the park. The school holidays saw about 50 visitors each day and  weekends were even busier. The visitors came from the town, Coromandel Town and Tairua. Some rode some walked and others just had a good time in the play area. Even though some days were wet it did not stop the riders.

There has been great progress widening the trails to the HUB and then the track to the Kauris and Top Hat Trail. In addition to widening much is now metaled and shelled, making them all weather. This work has been speeded up with the loan of a quad bike and trailer since these surfacing materials are dumped either in the carpark or at the base where the trail junctions are. To help us do this work with the Corrections Team we have had a grant towards the cost of materials.

Next on our plans is to improve access to Field Mouse trail over the stream so the mower can cross. This will also let us continue to develop the wetland in the middle of this area so the trail will circle it. TCDC have agreed to review the idea and help with the scheme planning. We hope to establish a habitat for some of the birds we have joining us in the area. We should also draw your attention to the birds singing in the mornings as you ride/walk the Quarry trail. It is joyful. The aim is to make most of the Field Mouse trail all weather although the lie of the land will still keep some mud for the riders so inclined.

Alongside the BASE area, the Whitianga Garden Club continue to develop the area with all sorts of vegetables. It is good to have them there as it keeps people in the area and makes it safer for the young BMXers and dirt jumpers. They also have great connections with the town and this helps with procurement of some needs. Their leader Sherryn Maud not only prepares the work program for those folk but also oversees the work.

With this increased usage both visitors and gardeners our toilet has been under demand. We are taking steps to add a further unit before Christmas.



In November we will have this and will notify of the date shortly. It was a difficult year with rain and also machinery breakdowns. Financially it was also difficult. Operating costs were high, mainly insurance (586) materials (1753) Maintenance of gear (1877) Overall the total was $6192.  We continue to rely on grants from TCDC (2000) local business sponsors (1000) and a special grant from Whitianga Lions (750) With donations from the public our total income was $5379 so we incurred a loss of $814. It is hoped that the current year will have greater income from visitor donations as our costs are generally fixed. In the event of there not enough donations we will put on hold some of the work required. It is important to remember that there is also a considerable input of labour and materials from the works teams


28 October 2017 The K2 race this year starts at Whitianga. Also finishes there after 192 km four stage ride. It is to support the Auckland Helicopter Rescue Trust. Further information on www.arcevents.co.nz

4 November @6pm.  Celebration at Whitianga Waterways for opening of both the Endeavour Island and the Grand Canal. Just turn up. Music and fireworks are planned. More info  www.whitiangawaterways.co.nz

18 November 2017 at 6am. Opening of next stage of Hauraki Rail Trail Ride: Kopu to Kaiaua. Details at www.haurakirailtrail.co.nz  There are a lot of other times for the event on their web page.

JULY 2017  Newsletter 94


The school holidays are finished and despite the rain many riders had a good time on the trails and the BMX. At long last it seems that the water runoff is under control and this helps keep the trails firm. With help from TCDC crushed metal has been placed on many riding surfaces making them all weather. We thank the 209 Quarry owners for their help too.

In our last newsletter we made mention of replacing the bridge at THE HUB. This is the location where Quarry, Tank, Chicken, and Park Lane all converge before going on their challenging ways. Jon Maud and his Correction Dept team have completely rebuilt it and removed the old ones. At the same time the ride through the stream, much favoured by the younger riders, has also been re-shaped and the stream floor cleaned.

We have yet to tackle the bridges in Field Mouse trail. This area is currently so wet and boggy that riders will avoid it. We also need to get funding for the materials as these bridges were built 14 years ago and are showing the signs of old age. Being a swamp the timber always wet.

Whilst it is wet in the winter this has the advantage of developing some of the area as a wet-land. Already thanks to Sonny Browne we have a lake  and plan to now fence it and then tidy up surfaces into a wetland for birds etc. There is a team working on this. It will enhance the area for riding and also assist in keeping the area suitable for grazing.

The gates over the canal have yet to have the extra facing added. It is ready to go but the wet and other commitments have delayed completion. Matt Kurth and Caleb Jennings plan to do this soon, before the lambs arrive.

The development of the arboretum has been very successful and the plantings are now really looking good. The trails go through some of the groves. Planting will continue.

The club has made an area of land available to The Whitianga Garden Club. They have a small base for materials and seedlings and some gear. They recently had some tools stolen but these have been replaced by donations from the local community. When you are riding you will pass their efforts. A big advantage of this action is that it keeps older people in the area where young riders enjoy the BMX

Jon and his team have been altering the flow on some of the trails. The trail from the picnic area to the HUB has been widened so that riders will be able to avoid walkers and also small vehicle access to The Hub can be made. The Tank Trail exit to the HUB is also being widened as this is two way for riders going to higher trails. Where possible walkers have their own tracks. Changes are also being made so that some of the lower trails link. A start has been made to allow riders on Quarry returning on Park Lane and then re-entering Chicken to return on either Park Lane or Tank.

With the growth in usage of the park, we will install a second port-a-loo in the spring.

Signage is being up-graded. This is needed so you can enjoy all the tracks and also if help is needed you can say where you are. Walkers will have additional markers to keep them clear of the trails.

The storms do cause trees to crash. We have these cut up by the team and donate the firewood to the local Sea Scouts who sell it for funds. A good use for waste

APRIL 2017  Newsletter 93

Like the rest of Coromandel the bike park did get a considerable amount of rain. Most of the trails suffered wash out but this has been tidied up,  except for Field Mouse trails which were under water for some days and are very soft. It remains closed. Some of the steeper trails up the hill are still very wet and the steep climbs are even hard to push a bike up.
We have kept riders informed of conditions on our Facebook page. We closed the complete park on two occasions when the trails were not rideable.  The area around the BMX start and picnic spot and Whitianga Garden Club and is nearly dry after a few days of sunshine.


The gates between Scratchy Lane trail and the Field Mouse area are being made bigger to stop young lambs going under them and they will have new latches. There will be new bridges in Field Mouse as soon as we can raise the funds to pay for them. The same also applies to a new bridge at the Hub alongside the stream ride through .Many trails start and finish here.
That stream follows the Tank trail exit and a walking track under the Nikaus  that line the valley. Recently the walking track has been separated from the riding trail so this will make it much safer there. The trail is Tank and downhill so riders are travelling fast here.
The Swinger trail has had a lot of attention by some club members and this will improve it considerably. Give it a try when next there. It starts from Summit Loop trail and finishes on Tank trail. Here you take your pick there. Go left on Tank back to the Hub or go right to Nuts and Bolts trail across Chicken to Park Lane and back to the Hub.
With help from Matt Kurth and Caleb Jennings we are redesigning some of the trails so that they can be loop trails rather than out to some others before coming back. This will give a longer continuous ride.  The main redesign will be at the turn points on to other trails. The basic trails can still be ridden as at present but the changes will let them link with another.


We continue to experience a growth in visitors and this was made even better when 180 children from Kristen School spent 3 days with us. Some of them had never been on a bike before and their instructors were patient so all had a good time and were at least riding at the end of the lessons. Thank goodness Field Mouse trail was open and in good order then.


Time constraints has meant that no progress other than getting some ready for placement. The SH 25 road sign and the Moewai Rd  however are in place and a help to visitors.


Thames Mountain Bike Club trails north of the town are a bit soft but still ride able so this provides an alternative riding location. Look for the Sign posted opposite A & G Price. (Facebook Thames MTB Club)

Whangamata trails from SH 25  north of the town are open but don’t forget to get a licence from the Info Centre in town. Maps are available together with more info on (www.Whangamata Ridges Mountain Bike Park) This park is in a forest with grades 1-5. There is hours of riding here.

The Hauraki Rail trail is all weather and generally flat. There are places where you can join it at Thames, Kopu, the side road opposite where SH 25A ends at Kopu and joins SH 26 heading further south. The new section on the Miranda to Kopu is ride able in part as it is beside the Miranda Coast road. It will be open as soon as the approaches to the new Piproa Bridge are completed. The Bridge clip-ons is in place ready to ride.

Whitianga Bike Club have a booklet on all the Mercury Bay Bike Rides. Now $2 form The Bike Man in Coghill St or Whitianga Information Centre or send us an email and we will post you one.

Remember you can find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/WhitangaBikeClub

Have fun.  

JANUARY 2017 Newsletter 92


The Year of the Rooster is certainly appropriate for the bike park, where this summer we have had a resident rooster close by the Skill Zone. No one knows where he came from but recently another joined him!

The Whitianga Garden group have been working hard on the area we made available to them and they have had great success with their plantings. Some of the group have joined the committee and are contributing there too.

The summer has been very dry and there are some large cracks in the ground. Those on riding trails have been filled. It has meant a lot of work to our helpers to keep the plants growing. This care and attention to the arboretum has seen it flourish and some of the trees now provide shade.

Another addition has been some street furniture.   TCDC replaced some street and park chairs and these are now resting in our park. They are great for family picnics and parents sitting reading whilst the children ride and yell to each other.


The bush and grass which surrounds the park and it’s trails is tinder dry. There has already been a fire in the district which took days to extinguish. Thames Mountain Bike Club had a major fire there which closed the trails for a few days.


There is a total fire ban in all the District.


Graham Christianson and Whitianga Quarry have provided us with crushed rock for the trails. This is stop some of the winter erosion that takes place with the soft clay base. We are now covering this metal with shell and getting a great riding surface that will support the increased usage of the trails.


Many of you will have seen our message on facebook where we advised that the lower entry to the park had been closed and the gates across  the canal too. We had trouble with the sheep roaming on the road and other trails. We are currently addressing the problem. The farmer has already fixed a fence and mown the rushes greatly improving the situation. The cattle and sheep are important to keep the area tidy and ride able.


It has been our business season yet in the 14 years we have been going. On one day over 100 trail riders and BMX riders were on the trails at one time. Young riders had to queue to ride the BMX. As one parent said where else can a family have a great morning of fun at so little cost. Hope they gave us a donation.


To help visitors find us we have a sign in the swamp near the golf club on SH 25 and also a sign on Moewai Rd fence. The big park sign near Moewai Rd  is being updated and will be on site soon, telling people “they have arrived”

Trail signage is also being attended to. We know some of you told us about it, but it cannot be fixed until we have made changes to some of the trails.


The ride through the river near the HUB has been rebuilt and now all we need is water.

Some of the trails are to be “riders only” as high speed riders are at risk when a walker is on the trail. As we do have walkers wanting to see the Kauri Grove and also take the dog for a run, some “walking only” tracks will be added to those already there.


Don’t forget the donation box when you are visiting the park. Gold coins are ideal and provide the funds for petrol maintenance, bridge materials, toilet cleaning and so on.

Parents to some of our young riders are especially asked to help. All other riding parks charge a fee but we leave the option to you.

Come and have some fun. Bring a friend and have even more fun

NOVEMBER 2016 Newsletter 91


Club Annual General Meeting, Is on Wednesday 30 November 2016, At 5.30 pm.

At The Health Factory Coghill St, Whitianga.

This is a public meeting of members, supporters and anyone interested. It is an opportunity for you to tell us what you think we should consider to do to keep the Bike Park a key facility in the town.

We would welcome you on to the committee. It is not onerous as the main function is to help co-ordinate the maintenance of the trails and other facilities in the park. It may be nailing the boards on a jump or cleaning signs of mildew from time to time. Not a big time commitment.

So come along and contribute to our success.

New Health and Safety Act

We have placed signage in the park asking riders and others if they see a matter that may cause a problem or may be a risk, to let us know. We cannot be everywhere on the 20 hectares.

Bridge repairs

The drains on field Mouse trail alongside Moewai Rd have been cleared and some of the bridges are now needing repair It is planned to do this during the summer. The trails in most parts are now flattened so ridable. The cattle and digger did make a mess.

Annual report

Attached is the committee report for the financial year ending 31 May 2016. What it shows is that to continue offering a free to use bike park, we rely on our sponsors, the Mercury Bay Community Board and your donations. We hope you will continue to support us.

And finally Happy birthday to the younger people in the town who have been having their birthday parties near the BMX track. And welcome to the workers from the town who have established a community garden up near the BBQ. The plants are flourishing.

Have fun.


SEPTEMBER 2016 Newsletter 90


The fine weather has let the trails dry out a bit. The trees knocked down by the strong winds have been pushed to the side of the trails.

We have altered the materials used to keep the trails all-weather where possible by putting  a form of gravel on them where the traffic is heavy. Some shell will then be placed on top to help bind it. Generally speaking all the streams and drains are performing well.

We have added a gate near the entrance to the area behind the BMX Track. We have also added signage about reporting any risks or matters that need attention. This is all part of our Health and Safety Plan. Let us get real, mountain biking an BMX riding are risk sports but mainly because of the rider. What we are doing is making sure we do not contribute to the risk.

Let us again remind riders to carry their mobile phone and if help is needed dial 111 and tell them where you are. Do not expect the operator to know exactly your location so you may have to describe the location and all our trails carry signage. There is a full bike park trail plan at the St John Base as well as the local police.

Thinking of St John service they have a good idea for those donating to their cause. It is a waterproof zip plastic bag that can hold an Apple I-Phone and keep it dry.

There have been cattle grazing the long grass on Field Mouse Trail [alongside Moewai Rd] but they are now gone and trails will now have their contribution removed and the surface tidied up. We have to have them to help control the grass.
The sun has yet to reach Hi-Octane trail.

We get many requests for bikes that can be hired.  The Bike Man in Coghill St has a few but if they are not available try www.haheibeachbikes.co.nz. They even deliver to Whitianga so you can contact them and book one.
As we have said before we are dependent on donations to keep the park going. They provide funds to buy petrol for mowers and saws, weed killer, purchase of gravel, tool maintenance weed killer for drains and similar costs. Our budget for these costs is approximately $7000 p.a. On site is a donation box, but if you wish, post us your donation.
We great fully acknowledge the ongoing support from the TCDC Community Board with a grant of $2000.
Only with the community support together with our sponsors can we continue to make available this facility free of charge to the people of the town and visitors to the town.

Remember you can find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/WhitangaBikeClub.

Have fun. 

JUNE 2016 Newsletter 89


We have made postings on Face Book to keep you up to date but this will fill in some of the gaps.

The weather in the Whitianga area has been very wet. Water from the hill behind washed a log into a drain and blocked it so that water flowed around the picnic area. Luckily it soon dried out and Noel and Ray were able to carry out repairs.
The warm wet weather has encouraged the grass to grow and it is a battle to keep it under control. Also the ferns on the sides of the trails have needed constant cut back.
The Hi-Octane trail is now very hard to rides because it is in the shade and wet. Best to avoid it. Swinger trail has been cleared and is good fun. Give it a try. Top Hat trail after it passes the kauri grove is steep and wet so care is needed.  By the way if you are visiting the kauri grove either walking or riding do not forget to wash your shoes and bike wheels so as to protect the kauri roots.

As we mentioned on Facebook page, Ray Hewlett has had health problems so been away from the park for a few weeks. He is home now but not on site at the park yet.
To control the grass growth in Field Mouse trail we have had young cattle there instead of the sheep. They have made a bit of a mess in parts but it will be back to normal soon.

We do get enquiries about where to hire a bike in the region. Most of these requests are from the web page from people visiting the town. Hahei Bike Rentals do offer bikes. Call 021 701 093 and find out more. They are in the Hahei township.    Web page www.haheibeachbikes.co.nz. They are also on Facebook.
We need volunteers to help on the trails and the arboretum. If you can give a few hours a month to help cut ferns off trails, spray weeds on trails, or cut flax so we can mow close to plants please give Noel a call. 07 866 5115 Hours are flexible and all ages are welcome.
In the latest issue of New Zealand Mountain Bike magazine there is a very good report on the Whangamata bike trails. A good challenge awaits you.

Likewise Thames Mountain bike club trails are moving ahead. They have just received funding from TCDC to help finance a bridge. They are easy to find. Drive up the coast road to Coromandel Town and towards the end of Thames town on the right hand side is the sign. Parking is limited but fun awaits even for the young.
Two Whitianga locals just back from trail making in Austria are looking to see if more trails can be added to our park. We will look forward to their report.
Have fun.

MARCH 2016 Newsletter 88


Easter was very busy and those riding did not realize the effort that went into getting the park ready and operational.

Two weeks ago Whitianga had an absolute cloudburst. The State Highway was blocked and every one stayed inside. At the park the drain near the BMX could not handle the water coming from the hill behind. The water flowed around the entry to the BMX and washed the matting used to protect the surface away. Shell gravel and grass all went downhill.

A week later another cloud burst and another flood. A log from the area behind the park that was felled, blocked the drain/stream and again water went everywhere.

Thanks to Noel and Ray the place was back in shape for the weekend.

The storm also bought down trees on the TANK TRAIL so chain saws were used to clear them. All this rain has kept the fern etc growing and currently trail trimming is being done.

Those of you who have ridden FIELD MOUSE TRAIL will have seen they bales of hay lying in the open. These will be moved shortly. The flax surrounding the pond is starting to grow and when a bit older will provide a habitat for wildlife.
In mid-March we welcomed the pupils of Kristen School at Albany. The 180 pupils together with the supervisors divided their time between our bike park, Hot Water Beach, walking tracks in the bush and other locations.

Their accommodation was at motels and camp grounds at Cooks Beach, Hot Water Beach, Whitianga and Hahei.

Reports back say they all had a great time and want to repeat it again next year.

In addition to the riding that is available in our park, and it will take you 3 hours to ride it all; the trails at Whangamata in the forest are now open. You can get a map and pay the entry fee from the bike shop in the main road. Also Thames Mountain Bike Club Scarface trail and the pump track have now joined their earlier trails. Their details are on the Coromandel.com web page and also on FACEBOOK

The Mercury Bay rides are in the club trail guide, [$4 from club address above] and there is enough riding available for you for 2+ days.
After your rides, support our sponsors.  Thanks

Remember you can find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/WhitangaBikeClub.

Have fun. 

DECEMBER 2015 Newsletter 87


The park is ready for you, Whether you wish to ride the trails, the BMX, or the pump track you will find these are ready for your fun visit. The picnic area is mown and in good condition, as is the BBQ.

The trails under the trees are nice and cool but if you are riding the pasture trails which are for beginners sun screen is desirable

Both Rattlesnake and Hi-Octane trails (grade 4) are dry enough to ride and test your skills. A younger rider 3 days ago said Hi-Octane was really "cool!" We have added some trail signage elsewhere although most riders like to get lost at times.

TOP HAT trail starts in a valley behind the BMX track and leads to the kauri grove. We must protect these trees from the virus that kills kauri. We have a cleaning kit for bike wheels and walkers shoes at the start of the track.[near the wooden carving ]


The In-2 orbit dirt track is providing lots of fun now it has consolidated. Take care when using it as if a rider has crashed and is still on the track when you arrive a nasty accident could happen.

The frisbee course is also ready and waiting.


During the summer we plan to rebuild some of the bridges. Some of these are now 12 years old and in the bush where there is a lot of rain the timber may get weak. If you would like to help on this project please let Noel Hewlett know. (07 8665115).  The stream ride-through will also get some attention. It has suffered damage from winter rushing water.

The pond in the middle of Field Mouse trail on the road side has a small fence around  it. We planted flax on the hills but the sheep ate them

If there is sufficient from riders and helpers we may organise some bike races for junior riders.If this goes ahead plenty of notice will be given on local radio stations.

One hour from Whitianga is the Hauraki Rail Trail. This is generally a flat ride and suitable for all the family.A free booklet on it is available both at the trail or by calling 07 868 5140.

And do not forget our club trail booklet on rides in the Mercury Bay area. Available from the Bike Man on Coghill St, or the I-Site in Albert St.

 There is a donation box near the BBQ in the park. We welcome your support as thes funds keep us going, Petrol for mowers, signage, insurance, rent etc all need to be paid so we do appreciate your support.

Our sponsors also appreciate your support too.

As we look back on this year, we also look at the tremendous progress we have made in 13 years. From paddocks of blackberry, swampy ground and tangled bush we now offer a fun place for young and old. It was achieved with help from our sponsors, the committee and members, the Hewlett brothers and the Corrections Department. We thank this team for providing this fun.

I conclude wishing you a wonderful holiday and festive season.

Bring your bike to the beach this summer, Have fun. 

SEPTEMBER 2015 Newsletter 86


Hopefully the wet winter is behind us and things in the next few months will be drier.

BMX TRACK - This has been well used over the winter and is in good shape. Some of the surface gravel will be put back on the slopes in the next few weeks. However it is still giving a lot of fun.

DIRT TRACK - We have been able to keep this open over the past months but some of the mats on top of the hills keep blowing off despite the edges being pegged. The drains have worked well and the hollows between the hills are generally firm.

FUN ZONE - Sheep in the Field Mouse trail paddock which is also where this ride is, have kept the grass under control so this skill area remains popular with young and old.

KIDDIES TRIKE TRAIL AND CLIMBING NET - Both are popular and keeping young occupied. In the same area a member has placed a small ramp to teach young riders how to jump. You should give it a try too.

PUMP TRACK - This is dry and fully rideable. Some of the berms have been improved during the winter working parties and the mats on the hills pegged and the trails shelled. Looks good and rides well.

MTB TRAILS - All the beginners trails are clear and have a good riding surface. Most of the intermediate trails are also dry. All these trails have now been shelled to provide a better surface than local clay. The advanced trails are generally in the bush and will need to dry out once the sun shines as currently they are slippery.

FACILITIES - The BBQ has plenty of wood for those wanting to picnic there. The teniquoit net is still in place close by the drinking fountain. The boules court and the frisbee golf course is ready and waiting.

Trail maps are available at the I-Site in Albert St and Bike Man in Coghill St, as well as on our web page.


With help from Sonny Browne Contracting at Coroglen we have made an effort to control the water on the Field Mouse Trail surrounds by creating a pond. Hopefully this will also attract wild life to the area as well as more nesting sites. This area was always a bog so the fill from the pond will lift some of the surrounding land. A riding trail beside it will be added in the summer.

The logging on the hills behind the park has finished but the logging track is still a no go area. Deep clay and old logs make this a hazard place so KEEP OUT.

 As you know much of the maintenance in the park is done by Noel and Ray Hewlett. For the past 2 months Ray has done it alone as Noel has been overseas. Thank you Ray for keeping it all in good condition. We are still lucky to have Correction Department work crews to help us as some of the work is too much for the retirees.

This coming weekend is Whitianga Scallop Festival Weekend. It is still a little cold for swimming unless you are in tropical Queensland so once you are finished at the festival jump on your bike and enjoy our park . We have given you the conditions of park facilities to let you plan your day/afternoon.

And after your ride visit some of our sponsors for a little food, recreation or knowledge. It will help you plan your next visit to this great location of Mercury Bay.

We welcome the park visitors over the winter who keep riding no matter what the weather. Some parents may not like the muddy gear they bring home but their smile answers that.

Remember you can find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/WhitangaBikeClub.

Have fun. 

March 2015 Newsletter   85


The cyclone PAM did little damage to the park. Some of the bush trails were washed out and the streams by the flat Fieldmouse trails ran high for a few days but no flooding.

Up in the bush trees fell over the trails but they were quickly cleared and the trails opened.

At the Pump track we have started to build berms on more of the tracks so as to give riders a more cruisy passage. As soon as we have more fill we will continue with it.

The   in-2 it   dirt jumps are getting lots of use and the surface is holding up well. Next month we will do more work on these hills.

The arboretum continues to flourish and the trees are starting to look good. A work team has helped clear the lower flax leaves away so making mowing easier.

Prior to going to Germany to live, a local nurseryman Kevin donated us a large number of native trees. We have planted these in a grove near the upper car park.

Two local stalwarts in Whitianga who have helped us, have retired. Charles Russell has sold Whitianga Signs the makers of all the trail safety signs in the park,  and Alan Henry has retired from his legal practice since February 2015. We thank them both for their help.

The park and the trails continue to get lots of visitors, not just riders but walkers and families having birthday parties or picnics. We welcome them all.


We told you in Newsletter 84 in January 2015 that this was taking place. It continues with logs being bought to a skid alongside the water reservoir where they are loaded on to a logging truck and the out on the road.

Riders must not enter these work areas and be especially careful around the road bridge and on the road. The grass alongside the road is being kept short to enable bikes to ride there and avoid trucks and their dust.


Attached is a notice about this event for Sunday April 2- Easter Sunday. This will be a lot of fun and everyone gets a prize. We will run timed races on the BMX track for those wishing to race with a prize for each of the winners. We look forward to seeing you and your family there. Bring your Frisbee too and see if you can play golf with it. There is a tri-cycle track for the very small.


The club has produced a booklet of off-road riding locations. They cost $4 each and are in a plastic bag to keep them dry.  Email the club or visit The Bike Man in Coghill St, or the I-site in Albert St to get one.
Remember you can find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/WhitangaBikeClub.

Have fun. 

January 2015 Newsletter  84

In the next few weeks logging operations will start on the hill behind the bike park.

The logs will be bought down the fire access way behind the fence near the exit of Orions Belt trail.

They will be stored and loaded on land over the stream above the upper entrance in the vicinity of the gate there. From here they will be transported by logging truck through the TCDC waterworks land to the exit gate used by water works staff and bike park cars using upper car park.

Logging is a risky business. No cyclist is to enter the access way up the hill to the cutting site or the loading skid. There will be supervision on this site to monitor this.

The bridge on Moewai Rd is narrow. There will be warning signs each side of it, but cyclists must give way to the trucks and not stop there. A loaded truck will be traveling downhill!!

Whilst part of Moewai Rd is tar sealed half is not so has a metal surface. TCDC have agreed to mow a grass trail alongside the road so that riders using that are kept clear of the trucks. Already milk tankers and cattle trucks use it but the logging trucks are expected to travel twice a day between 6 am and 9 am and again between noon and 3 pm, but do not rely on this timetable.

All trucks create dust and flying road metal on such road surfaces so we hope you will use the roadside trail to avoid being hit by vehicles and rock. If you enter the bike park by the lower gate at Fieldmouse trail you will avoid the bridge and narrow section of road from there to the water works entry gates. Park there too.


Work teams have made good progress on surfacing the lower trails and removing fern growth etc.We will do more work on Hi-Octane and rebuild the berms. Rain has damaged these and the first attempt to work on it resulted in the work crew sliding on the wet ground to the bottom. It is drier now so here is hoping for success this week.


Daily we have had visitors and locals using the park and the walks. At the same time we must thank them for the donations they have made in the donation box near the BMX.The park is looking very good. The surface on Fieldmouse trail is not good because calves cut the trails badly some weeks ago. We are working on fixing this.


In the booklet we produced giving other rides in the area, we mention the ride through Castle Rock. Our FaceBook page has a report from Paul Simpson who rode it recently.


There is a triathlon at Cooks Beach on Sunday 1 February 2015. Details of this are on TCDC webpage and Sport Waikato web page. There are 2 options a short and a longer.

Remember you can find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/WhitangaBikeClub.

Have fun. 

December 2014 Newsletter  83


To all our readers and supporters we wish you a very happy holiday and lots of fun.

2004 - 2014

Ten years ago we opened the first stage of the Whitianga Bike Park. We had spent two years trying to get TCDC on board as regards use of land and demand and planning it. Early in 2004 agreement was reached providing we had local support. The outstanding success of the park answers that requirement.

When we opened in December 2004, the only trails were Fieldmouse, Quarry, Scratchy Land and Park Lane. Fieldmouse was covered in blackberry and so was Scratchy Lane. Quarry on opening day was found to have a wasp nest on it. Races for the riders were great fun too.

Since then we have created many more trails and added a BMX track, it was just a clay slope covered in rubbish, the Pump track which was a swamp, a Dirt track to give the young riders a bigger challenge and for the very young a wooden board walk for trikes. Many trails are covered in shell and gravel as is the BMX and Pump track. In the bush walking tracks have been made.

The area has also had added a drinking fountain, port-a-loo, shelters and upper car park. It is estimated that we get some thousands of users a year and we also get groups training in bush craft as well as educational trips. January will be over 1000

All this would not have been possible without your support, local support from the town, funds from donations in the donation box, our sponsors and Pub Charity. Also the manual support from the Hewlett family, many of our supporters and the Correction Department work teams. Thank you all.


Kauri trees in the Coromandel are at risk of suffering Kauri die back. We have a wonderful grove of kauri trees on Top Hat Trail. Before going to see them or riding to them please use the spray and disinfectant gear we have provided alongside the trails near the carved log on the trail as it leaves the flat area.


Behind our park our neighbour has a pine tree plantation. It is planned to harvest these tree in January 2015, or at least start preparing the road access to the staging skid. Currently we understand the access from the skid (up the valley behind us) to the road will be through Whitianga Water Treatment land and then through their gate to the bridge and on Moewai Rd.

We have made suggestions to the logging company and TCDC on how to protect our park users and are close to agreement. In our world, logging vehicles and cyclists are not compatible.

In late January there will be logging trucks both on the road bridge to WTP site and close by our upper car park. If the risk is too great, because of speed , weight, load size etc. we will shut the upper car park until logging is finished. No final dates are yet given.

As on any road, cyclists will have to be aware of the trucks. We plan the creation a cycle track along side the road by cutting the grass and/or scraping the surface smooth. If it is done then please use it.

The logging road above the park is through  kanaka bush. It is private land and the road will be steep and out of bounds to all park users. Once we have the final details we will advise you.


On Sunday 30 November, the Whitianga Lions Club held a thank you party in the park to thank the community for supporting their appeal for funds for th Whitianga X-Ray machine and office. It was attended by over 400 persons. The young were riding and the old went walking through the bush or playing with Frisbees whilst enjoying a sausage to two. Good Fun.

Holidays are here. Carpe Diem.

Remember you can find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/WhitangaBikeClub.

Have fun.

October 2014 Newsletter  82


Don't forget to bring your mountain bike this weekend.  The Whitianga Bike Park is in great shape. The trails are dry and fully ride able. You and your mates will really have some fun.

The BMX track is also dry and getting a lot of use. So bring the young and try it out.

The Pump track is also good fun for those new to the riding style. We are looking at adding some more hills to it with banked curves to provide for speed and challenges. The issue here is the need for spoil so if you know of anyone with spoil they want to get rid of, let Noel know.

And don’t forget the walking tracks, the Frisbee course and the climbing net on the cliff are all operating. Enjoy.


We greatly appreciate the grant from Mercury Bay Community Board towards our maintenance and operating costs.

The Whangamata Community Board have also given a grant to the Whangamata Mountain Bike Club to help re-establish the trails in the forests there. Logging operations resulted in these trails being destroyed. The grant will help meet the costs of hiring a digger to build them again.

At Thames the Area Community Board have given a grant to Thames Mountain Bike Club to help meet the costs associated with opening up further DOC trails and mining sledge trails in the Moanatairi Stream valley.

Coromandel Town locals are also investigating the conversion of the old tip site into a bike park. These sites are good to convert as they are free of trees. An old tip site at Hamilton was converted into a great bike park.

All these parks are developed and maintained by keen volunteer mountain bikers in their town. If you ride them they would appreciate a donation towards the operating costs.


Despite the heavy rain in the last few weeks the drainage around the BMX track, the Pump track, the Kiddies Trail and the picnic area has worked well. The grass in the area is growing fast requiring a big effort from Noel Hewlett and his brother Ray in maintaining them. The Field Mouse trail alongside Moewai Rd was grazed with calves and now has sheep and lambs. No dogs are allowed in the area.

With the help from the Correction Department workers we have repaired some bridges. We were lucky to be given a lot of treated timber which we used on this work.

We are erecting a big sponsors tower to acknowledge the  financial help these local people give in ensuring that this facility remains in the town for local riders and visitors. Please support them.

Thames Mountain Bike Club have opened their park on the historic trails north of the town. Called Scarface and with a Pump track and a kiddies riding area called "100 Acre Wood Trail" this park provides a great riding area. Something you can do when heading to Mercury Bay. Read about them on https://www.facebook.com/Thamesmtbclub.

Our club also features on facebook and we keep it up to date. We also have the booklet of Mercury Bay rides, available from I-Site Whitianga and The Bike Man, Whitianga. Those wanting to ride the forest track from 309 Road to Te Ranga and Kuaotuna via Castle Rock should find the track clear even if muddy. It was part of the course for the VINZ Car Rally in August.

The bike day organised by Sport Waikato was a disappointment because of the heavy rain resulting in few turning up. We will do it again in fine weather.

Remember you can find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/WhitangaBikeClub.

Have fun.
August 2014 Newsletter  81


Sorry about no information since late May but I have been overseas.  What I did see inEurope was the growth on bike riding especially in the towns. It does get encouraged when you find that owning a car in some countries requires an ownership licence of 170% of the cost of the car.

The local councils do look after cyclists in their town but cyclists ride under rules that are monitored. No riding through pedestrian walk ways [you wheel the bike] but city roads all have cycle lanes on each side of the road. In Stockholm, Sweden the local council even provide small bastions on the footpath in which there is some form of pressure cylinder and a rubber hose outside to inflate a cycle tyre in the same way you can do and local garages in NZ. Like here there are no garages in the city.


The Local Board at Whangamata have made a grant to the Whangamta MTB club to rebuild the tracks in the surrounding forest that has just been milled. This is great news as it will provide visitors with additional riding trails on the peninsula.

Thames Mountain Bike Club is continuing with their trail development on old logging and mining trails just north of the town. Called Scarface trail it is on and old sledding trail where ore used to be dragged from the mine. The also have a pump trail and BMX under construction.  Find them on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Thamesmtbclub.

The Hauraki Rail Trail ride is gaining great popularity. It is now completed from Thames to Waihi. You can join it at various places along the route so a family can ride the part that suits them and then leave it. Only cyclists and walkers permitted.
A way of keeping up to date on what is going on at Whitianga and the district is to go on the The Informer web page www.theinformer.co.nz. Always a good read.


In June and July there was terrific winds and rain. The high trees on the boundary between the BMX track, Pump Track and the Golf Club were blown down. Not just broken off but up-rooted. Noel and Ray Hewlett have cut many of the logs up and they have been helped but other locals. The damage in the upper trails was minimal, just branches and ferns.

We do shut the Dirt Track when the surface of soft and it is too dangerous to ride in that condition.
As you can imagine, the car park up near the BMX track was soft. Louts decided to do wheelies on it and tore the grass surface up making it useless for parking. We are grateful for the effort of Jimmy Hill, the quarry up 309 highway and local carriers for their efforts in scraping the surface flat again and supplying, delivering and spreading road metal to re-instate the surface.

You will be pleased to know that we have now placed our trail map on our web page. The Bike Man and the Whitianga I- Site will continue to sell waterproof maps for $3 but often they are not open for business when riders come to town.

If you are visiting Whitianga on 22nd and 23 August note that there are road closures for the Rally NZ race. Roads affected are Blacksmith Lane,[22 Aug] Tapu Coroglen Rd[23 Aug]  The 309 Road [23 Aug] and Joan Gaskill Drive [afternoons 23 August] You can find full details on the TCDC web page http://www.tcdc.govt.nz/.

We welcome the support from Ray White Real Estate in Whitianga [email protected] We are placing full details of their contacts on our web page.
Remember you can find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/WhitangaBikeClub.

Have fun.

May 2014 Newsletter  80


The school holidays saw visitors every fine day. Although we did have some downpours on a few of the days, there was little damage to the trails. The big challenge now is to control the grass growth on the beginner trails of  Field mouse, Scratchy Lane, The Dragons Tail, andaround the Fun Zone.  Long grass and rushes do not do de-railer gearing any good.

The BMX track, the Pump Track and the Dirt Track is in good order and firm.

We have seen BBQ users, and families regularly enjoying the facilities.


At the highest point on Top Hat Trail is this wonderful grove of trees. Work parties have recently added more shell to the surface of the trail/track. Many walkers travel up there to see these trees. Last month in our newsletter we told you how in January we had established a trough of disinfectant and a brush and spray to use on all footwear, bike wheels and anything that comes in contact with the ground at this location. Kauri 2000 and TCDC have now launched a programme to continue this direction in other forests with the ultimate aim of preventing Kauri Dieback. We ask you whether riding, walking or picnicing to observe this requirement and help protect these iconic trees.


Not only are we seeing increase use of our park but elsewhere on the Peninsula there is more riding being done.

We have our trail guide of Mercury Bay rides  [$4 post free from club or Whitianga I-site or The Bike Man] and this helps you in our area. The Thames Mountain Bike Club have their new trails north of Thames in the Moanataiari Valley Rd. They have full details on Facebook. Also at Thames up the Kauaeranga Valley Road is Hotoritori MTB trail   This is 14 km from Thames and 3 km North of the visitor centre.  At Whangamata there are trails in the commercial forests. Details about these from the town I-site or Whangamata Cycles and Outdoors in Port Rd

 The Hauraki Rail Trail ride is very popular and there are places along it where you can join the trail. 


Please support our sponsors. They help bring this facility to the town by meeting some of the operating costs. We do have on-going bills for petrol, weed killer, timber and nails, trail signs, as well as standing charges for rent and insurance.


On Saturday 17 May SH 25 from Tairua to Whenuakite [Hot Water Road Junction] will be closed fro 6.30 am until 10 am for a car rally event. Time your visit to Mercury Bay or further accordingly.


Did you know that there is a MTB track at Auckland Airport? There is also a bike hire. In Auckland the north western bike trail that follows the motorway is nearly linked to Grafton with the access under the Wellesley St Off-ramp completed and the ramp under Owen Glenn Building at University in Place.  Supporter Robert Spencer at Paeroa drew our attention to a report in the Dominion where an application to Wellington City Council is made for funding to develop further MTB trails there to make it a MTB Capital! It adds that Rotorua MTB trails earn $15million annually for the town.


Our club was established in 2003 and first trails were opened in 2004. The builders of these trails have left school and work elsewhere. Their parents have in most cases left town or no longer need to support the park maintenance programme. Our committee consisting of Noel Hewlett (Secretary/Treasurer) Garth Scott, Greg and Tina Clark, Karl Fisher, Benson Lockhart, and Bryan Layton need some help from riders and parents of riders. We need people to help run a race or two, (very easy we have the gear), to check trails and tracks for safety, to keep drains clear and generally monitor the park. Not a time consuming job but important. We have not run a race since 2004. Phone Noel if you can help Ph 07 8665115

Have fun and Carpe Diem.

March 2014 Newsletter  79


For the second time in two years we have again had the storage container with our maintenance gear broken into. We had added heavy steel lock covers after it happened last time, but the padlocks were certainly no match for bolt cutters and a tyre puller. It is isolated in the park with no residences close by to keep an eye on it.

This time we lost a chainsaw, 2 scrub cutters, petrol cans and petrol, small spares and some loose tools. I guess the donations we receive will have to replace these instead of trail maintenance.


Over the summer we have started work on the berms on Quarry trail. This trail constructed in 2004 had started to wear from heavy use. These berms will keep it riding well.

Nuts and Bolts trail has also had attention. Water had washed away some of the riding surface and created large holes. This is now fixed. We plan to add some new signage to it.

On the beginers trail; Fieldmouse; weeds have been sprayed and both cattle and sheep have controlled the grass. Looks quite park-like now.

The surrounds to the Dirt track are being mowed and weeds cut so as to keep it safe.

If you ride or walk Top Hat trail wash your wheels /footwear in the trough there so as to protect the kauri stand at the top of the ridge. Our "Top Hat".

Over the summer there have been a large number of riders and visitors. Mums and Dads watching their young riding the BMX and the Pump track. Families BBQing and also having time trials on the bMX. All having fun. The donations received are greatly appreciated.

Noel and Nicky's daughter Sally had her wedding there. She arrived on a hay bale in the trailer towed by our ride on mower!


The club now has a page on Facebook. We will post items of interest there from time to time. Visit it.

Also on Facebook is Thames Mountain Bike Club page. Here is information on how to find the park and what they are doing there. you could visit it too.


A the beginning of March a new bridge was opened at Waikino opposite the hotel. There had been a bridge there before but it was washed away in the flood some 30 years ago. This bridge provides a link for riders to get refreshments as well as an entry point to the trail so you can ride to Waihi. This trail is very popular for both riders and walkers.


Don't forget we have a book on other riding locations in the Bay. Cost is $4. We will post it free. Send email or order to above addresses.


Our bike park maps will be at the printers in a week or so. Ann Chambers has managed to redo the map. We lost the original map data so had to re-create. We also will be adding a schematic trail guide to our web page to show how the trails link and their degree of difficulty.

This great Autumn weather lets us all have fun. Enjoy it.
DECEMBER 2013 Newsletter  78


 Visitors to the park will find it in good condition. The grass around the BMX track and the PUMP track whilst growing madly in the warm weather has been kept under contol by the new ride-on mower.  The trees and plants are now growing  after a bad start last year.
The BMX track has now hardened and the drains control the water from the heavy rain we have had.

The DIRT track has been improved with help from Sonny Browne. If the bar is across the start of it, please do not enter as it is often soft in the valleys.

The PUMP track is riding well. We hope to add some more spoil to the hills next year to improve them.

FIELDMOUSE the beginners trail beside the road, has had the trails cleared and the DRAGONS TAIL at the end is fixed up and a bridge added so that it joins the trail again.

The SKILL ZONE boards have been re-nailed so the challenge returns.

The mountain bike trails are tidy and the ferns etc have been cut back so they do not hit your face. If you ride TOP HAT trail make sure your bike wheels are clean as we do not want the fungus in the kauri roots. We will have a wash facility on the trail soon. Both walkers and riders can use it.

The new KIDDIES trail is very popular as it lets trikes and similar bikes enjoy the park. It is a wooden raised board walk close by the area where parents can sit.

RATTLESNAKE trail and Hi-EXTREME trails need attention. WE ran out of time to fix them.  If you have some spare  time in the holidays give Noel Hewlett 07 8665115 a call to see what is needed, or the Bike Man (number above). RATTLESNAKE needs growth cleared and a few logs cut, and Hi- EXTREME needs work on the berms. We do plan some changes on this trail to make it flow better.


We are reprinting these but there has been a delay whilst we update them.  Meantime old versions are available at the I-Site or the BIKE MAN. We have also posted one on the web page.

Click the link here for a copy of the Trail Map


The donation box is near the BMX track. We greatly appreciate the support given by riders and their families. It has enabled us to continue developing this free to use park.


This park would not be there if the supporters we show had not helped us. Please support them.

And we must also say thank you to some of the local contractors who have been on site this year.Sonny Browne with his digger, Thames Valley Insurance Ltd in attending to our insurance needs, Edward Gibbon Plumbing Supplies to help with the drinking fountain, All Terain Bobcat Services, Whitianga Signs and Peninsula Post. All great supporters and thank you for that support.


The good news is that Thames Mountain Bike Club have opened their bike park. It is just north of Thames on the way to Coromandel. You can get full details from their Face book page or their web page. The trails are old mining tracks in DOC land, and there is a Pump track too.

The next stage of the Hauraki Rail Trail is now open. This provides a link fro Thames to Waihi. Some can ride it in a day but you will need to either have a person to take you back to the start or ride back next day.

Around Mercury Bay and the northern part of the Peninsula we have listed rides in our hand book available at I-Site, The BIke Man and some cafes. Cost $4.


Don't forget we have some delightful walks in the bike park. Some are just for walkers others are share. In hot weather the cool bush is relaxing.

Have fun and some great riding in this holiday.

October 2013 Newsletter No 76


A working party is being held on Sunday 27 October 2013.

It will start at 9 am and finish at 12.30 pm. But you do not have to be there the full time. Even an hour of your time will help us. Meet at the BMX track. Bring a spade and rake.

The work is mainly shaping the MTB trails which have washed out with winter rain.

We will also carry in some buckets of shell to put on the trail surface. 


Thames Coromandel District Council Community Board have given us a grant towards our overheads. This is a great help to us. Our main overheads are petrol, weed killer, repairs, insurance, and materials.

We have also received a grant from Pub Charity and this has enabled us to buy a ride on mower and trailer. The result is a reduction of mowing time from one day to 3 hours. It also lets us mow the learner trails in Field Mouse giving young riders an easier surface to ride on.


The IN-2-ORBIT Dirt track is now reshaped.  We moved some of the hills to improve the flow. They are now consolidating and then the slope up will be slightly contoured. It is being well used by young riders but will be shut when there is a lot of rain on the surface, as it will then get too soft. The flat land between the hills is now compacted and will be kept shelled.

The DRAGONS TAIL at the back of FIELD MOUSE has been cleared and mown around. It should be ok for ring in Labour weekend.

HI-OCTANE trail is still wet and bad riding. However we have plans to reshape some of the berms to make it flow better. The working party on Sunday will do a bit of this. Hopefully!

The KIDDIES TRACK behind the BMX start is giving trikes and young riders a lot of fun. If you have young children or grandchildren this is a great way to get them riding.

Noel and Ray have trimmed back most of the herbage over the trails. We will look to completing this on Sunday too.

The arboretum is growing well. A good spring has seen much growth. We are adding more plants to the surrounds. Hopefully one day riders will be able to travel through these groves on a hot day.

Committee Changes

At the annual general meeting Matt Highway our Chairman stepped down as he is now living in Hamilton. We welcome Bryan Layton to the team.


Have fun.

October 2013 Newsletter No 75


Committee Report for Year Ending 30 May 2013.
It has been a good year. We completed the development of the park for mountain biking, BMX –ing, pump trail riding, a dirt track for the skilled and since that date a kiddies trail for tricycles.
At the same time we have maintained the existing trails and surrounds. This in itself is now a major job especially when the grass grows so readily in a mild winter. Noel Hewlett our Secretary and his brother Ray did much of this work. They were assisted by work teams from the Corrections Department under their leader Ben. We regret that since balance date Ben has started his own business and will no longer be able to contribute to the ideas and encourage the teams.
We would not have finished the BMX and the Dirt track without the considerable help from Sonny Browne at Coroglen. He is a master with his digger. We had to relocate some of the jump hills to get a better flow on the track so the track was shut for a period whilst we waited for the ground to dry. The hills have been compacted and matting placed on the tops to prevent excess wear and rain damage. This track is for experienced riders.
On the financial side TCDC helped towards our costs with a grant and Pub Charity did too so that the dirt track could be completed. More recently Pub Charity has given a further grant for the Kiddies trail.  To these must be added sponsorship from local businesses and some generous donations. We did suffer a small loss in the operations but we have gained more trees on the site and other improvements too.
It has been suggested that we should charge a subscription or entry fee. We have no way of policing those using the park and now way of being there to collect it. Instead we have an on-site donation box which many use.
The facility is becoming well known. It is used by visitors and local riders. Sport Waikato uses it for training courses and local services use it for holiday attractions. By keeping young riders off the highway it is providing a safe challenge for these persons.
The committee do not have a lot to do now thanks to Noel and Bruce but they are always there to evaluate ideas and are to be thanked for this.
For the Committee
Noel Hewlett Secretary.
Notice of Public Meeting

NOTICE IS HERBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of members together with the public will be held at the premises of The Monkey House, 18 Coghill St, Whitianga, on Tuesday 8 October 2013 at 5.30 pm

May 2013 Newsletter No 74


The golden summer has come to an end and the grass is growing on all areas of the park creating a lot of work. The Fieldmouse trail beside Moewai Rd is kept in control with sheep grazing on it and they have had help with a young wild pig. The pig does like to dig some of the loose ground beside the trails so that explains the rough ground you see alongside some of the trails.

The job of keeping the grass under control is carried out by Ray and Noel Hewlett. Some Corrections Department workers also assist when there. The surrounds of the BMX track, the PUMP track, the new KIDDIES tri-cycle track, the arboretum , the BBQ area, and SKILL ZONE mowing  takes a lot of time. We will be looking at getting better mowers and scrub bars to handle it. The growth on the slopes on each of the BMX hills and those on Dirt track and Pump track is kept cut with weed-eaters.

The MTB trails at higher levels had had shell added during the summer to reduce the mud in the winter. The heavy rain in the last few days has caused some wash out on some trails but during the next few weeks much of this will be corrected.

Visitor rates have been high. Young families enjoy the BMX and PUMP tracks. Older family members and visitors also ride the BMX as well the MTB trails.

In-2-Orbit  Dirt Track

We had to shut this 6 weeks ago as we have to do some work on it. Prior contracts have prevented Sonny Browne and his digger from making the alterations mainly on the run-outs but also re-spacing two of the hills. We hope it will be done mid May.

Bridge Maintenance

Nobly tyres and heavy traffic has caused the netting on some bridges to tear. During May this will be replaced and the edges on the side of the deck  too. A small bridge in FIELDMOUSE which moved  in a flood will also be repaired. The netting on the ramp on Quarry trail will be replaced as well.

Kiddies Bike Trail

This is completed. It is the shape of a Koro around a tree with additional elevated board walk and shell tracks from it. The aim is to provide very young some fun whilst others are on other tracks and trail. Already it is popular.

Fun in AIr

The DRAGGONS tail on FIELDMOUSE, the BMX track, the IN-2-ORBIT dirt track, and some bumps in the MTB trails all provide the rider with jumps for “air”.

A young rider and his family visiting Whitianga decided to have lunch at War Birds Café at the airport off Moewai Rd. This young rider was saying what a great time he had in the bike park “getting air.” He was really excited. Pilot Des from the Mercury Bay Aero Club was also having a coffee and lunch and heard his excitement. He asked the youngster if he would like some more air, a ride over Mercury Bay in his plane. He took the boy, his brother and parents for individual flights. The young riders say they will definitely be back for more riding at our park.

Yet Again

On May 1 the container lock was again smashed. The thieves must have been disturbed since the gear removed from the container was out side on the grass beside the road ready to be loaded into some vehicle. New locks are in place and steel covers are being added to block further cutting.


If you can help on the trails, tracks or mowing please give Noel Hewlett a call. 07 8665115


March 2013 Newsletter No 73

The Park

Those riding recently will see how dry the ground is. Some of the trails on the steeper banks are cracked but any large cracks are now filled.

Around the BMX Track the grass has not been growing which has saved mowing. The Field Mouse trail beside the road is now clear of rushes and long grass. The sheep do keep much of it under control but it requires constant grass control as well.

Noel and Ray together with the Whitianga Lions Club have saved the trees in the arboretum from drying out and dying through lack of water. They pumped water from the stream and carried it in buckets to each tree. Overall the trees are doing well with only a few losses.

The higher level trails are in good condition with a person working on them on a regular basis. All foliage has been cut back too so it does not hit you in the face.

Fire Risk

Smoking is not permitted in the park. The grass and trees are very dry so no fires of any description are permitted. The BBQ must not be used until the rain comes and the TCDC ban is lifted. Ring 111 if you see any smoke.

In-2-Orbit Dirt Track

This is currently closed. Some of the riders thought we should alter two of the hills to make it better. Sonny Browne, who does this for us, is too busy making the most of the dry weather for roading contracts and farm development work including hay making, so we have to wait a while. Sometime around Easter is the current timing. Meantime the hills have consolidated well and by covering the slopes with old artificial carpet the riding surface has been maintained.


Kiddies Trail

We told you in December about this. A board walk wide enough for tri-cycle and bikes with wheels on outriggers to cater for junior riders is the intention. Much of it is in place. It circles a tree and requires a lot of cutting the deck boards. Generally it is fairly flat although there are some wavy sections, some bridges and also shelled sections to teach the young riders how to handle different conditions. Much will be finished by Easter.

Other Attractions

At the park in addition to 10 km of mountain bike single track, there is a BMX track that is dirt not concrete, a PUMP track through the trees, a SKILL Zone with elevated riding, JUMPS on some of the MTB trails, the KIDDIES trail under construction, the IN-2-ORBIT dirt track which will re-open soon, a climbing net on a steep bank, a FRISBE game site, a net for deck tennis, water fountain, toilet, and shelter. Then there are the walks in the bush including the walk to the kauri grove. Enjoy.

Moewai Road

As well as being the entry to our bike park with a car park on the side near the entrance and another car park through the water works entry gate, there are other attractions in the road. Go down to the side road and you will find the entrance to the Whitianga airfield. Park and wander along to the War Birds Café. Here you can get coffee, tea and other drinks. Toasted sandwiches muffins bacon and eggs etc and enjoy them whilst watching aircraft re-fuel, and arrive and depart.

Also down there is the new rescue helicopter base with staff amenities. The base is open for visitors on Easter Sunday from 10 am until 2 pm. Whilst the hanger is not yet finished it is still a credit to the trust team building. They would love your donation too.


We placed a flyer in all motels, camping grounds and backpackers places prior to the summer. As a result there has been increased visitor use of the park facilities. We also produced a summary of riding locations in the park and closely. DESTINATION COROMANDEL built on this in their web page making us even better known. Look at their web page for details.

Local Trail Guide

In weather such as we have at present, exploring new rides is good fun. Our trail guide gives details on these and is available at $4 from Whitianga I-site, Tairua I-site, The Bike Man in Coghill St Whitianga, or club Secretary Noel Hewlett at 83 Robinson Rd Whitianga Ph 07-8665115. Copies of our publicity flyer on the park are also at these locations.

Have fun.

December 2012 Newsletter No 72

2012 In Review

 We completed 9 years of operation and still keep moving forward. Our bike park opening was in 2004 when at year end we opened the first 5 trails. In the years since we have added to these trails with a variety of grades together with a Skill Zone, jumps on some trails, a BMX track, a Pump track and now a Dirt track. This year has seen consolidation of the riding surfaces on the Pump track and the BMX track. In the last 5 months it has been the Dirt track which is an extension of the BMX track. We used this track to get height for the jumps. There is a Boules court and Frisbee game place too.

 We have done more planting in the arboretum and with help from Robbie Yeomans who lent us a water pump and Whitianga Lions who watered the plants they are now flourishing.

 These goals would not have been achieved with out the help of our sponsors who provided funds for the materials needed in such a development. Trail development and maintenance has over the last few years been undertaken by Noel Hewlett our Secretary, his brother Ray, Bruce Chambers and Ben and his team from The Corrections Department. What 9 years ago was a blackberry paddock and rushes is now a park providing endless fun to the local community and visitors. The walking tracks cut by Noel are used a lot especially as they provide easy access to a wonderful grove of Kauri trees in the Mayor’s QE II reserve adjoining our boundary.

 Not only have we had assistance in the park but also funds from TCDC Local Board, a donation from bag sales at The Warehouse, Whitianga, Bobs Takeaways for servicing the Port-a Loo on site, Tomahawk for web site hosting, Whitianga Signs assisted us with signs, some acknowledging tree donations and some track and safety signs, Whitianga Lions for help and donations, Edward Gibbons for contribution to water fountain, Sonny Browne with his digger on many of our projects, Brendon O’Connell who swept the rubbish off the site with a Bob Cat, and Thames Valley Insurances for helping organize cover. Pub Charity continues to support our cause as does Ground Effect as and when needed. These are the people that helped provide the Whitianga township with this excellent resource. Further more it is debt free.

in   2  O r B i T   Dirt Track

 This consists of a series of high hills the track divides into two arms like a letter Y and each arm has hills. It is for experienced riders and can be shut off when surface conditions make the tracks unsafe. As stated above access is from a high point on the BMX track. The surface is basically clay covered with fine gravel and with covers placed on top of the hill made of artificial turf to prevent erosion and wear. It opens on Saturday 22 December.

 The ground work was done by Sonny Browne Earthmovers at Coroglen with Bruce Chambers standing by. As a result of five months wet weather; on more than one occasion the diggers bogged down. Today Ray, Noel and the Corrections team are surfacing the hills ready for the opening.

Kiddies Board Walk Trail

 We have today received a grant from Pub Charity that will enable this to proceed. The purpose is to provide a small trail for young riders on tri-cycles whilst older members of the family are busy on the BMX. It is alongside seats for the parents to watch from. The deck meanders just above the ground, crosses a stream and rejoins apportion of a MTB trail so that the rider completes a full circle. With funds now in hand, a start on construction will be made in January 2013.


The Family Fun Day

 This was to have been held in Labour weekend but the wet weather caused a postponement. It was rescheduled and held 24 November. 146 children attended supported by their parents and had a wonderful time. Many of those there did not realise the development that had taken place in the park.


 We are getting better known and the park is now a popular venue for birthday parties, BBQs walking of dogs, trail running and mountain biking trails with lots of noise from the riders. We had hoped to get a SH 27 sign approval but the engineer said he was at the park and could not see any riders so we were not popular enough to qualify. Riders in the bush are hard to see!!

 In the past we have had posters and advertising in local holiday booklets. We are continuing with this but also had with help from Peninsula Post produced a flyer which will be placed in accommodation facilities and tourist places to show visitors what we offer.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and holiday, and lots of fun in our park.

November 2012 Newsletter No 71


 The planned day in October was so wet that we had to cancel the event. It is now scheduled for:


Saturday 24 November 2012

Timed: 12 Noon until 4 pm.


Programme:   12:00 noon - Billy Tea with lamingtons $2 per person

                                              Sausages on barbeque - $2 each

                                              Canned drinks available at $2 each

                         12.30 pm -  Bike activities on BMX track, Pump track etc organized by Sport

                                             Waikato. [no charge]

                                             Target Golf- cost $1 for one ball, or $2 for 3 balls.

                                             $50 prize for hole in one.

                           1:00 pmGuided walks to Kauri Track and grove.

Main Event:        3:00 pmTREASURE HUNT  for 5 to 12 year olds [max number 200]

                                         Cost $2 per child. First prize $100, plus 4 runner ups of $25 each.   Tickets are available at BIKE                                                 MAN shop or on site, until maximum number is reached                                  


Raffle: Stephensons Pharmacy has donated a generous prize. Ticket $2 each [3 cost $5].

Parking: There is some on the flat through the gates to the water treatment depot. Otherwise the road side at  lower entrance and walk up the road to the fun site beside the BMX track. Here is a water fountain and toilet on site.


“ORBITER” Dirt Track

The hills are all in place and thanks to Ray Hewlett have been stamped to consolidate the surface. This week we are tidying up the surrounds and will then place some drainage pipes in the hollows before the gravel surface. When not in use, covers will be placed over the crowns of the hills to reduce erosion. It is expected to have it open mid December.

Kids Boardwalk

 We have lodged an application for funding this. The board walk will let children on tricycles enjoy the park by providing a link over a small stream between two trails. The surface is only 250 mm above the ground with edges on sides. Parents can sit on the seats alongside and watch them.

Mountain Bike Trails

 All riding well according to the young riders who visit them after school. Bring your bike on the Fun Day and try them yourselves.

Have fun.  

SEPTEMBER 2012 Newsletter No 69 - Special Edition

 OCTOBER 2012 Newsletter No 70


There are three attachments to this newsletter.  Please click the links below to view them.

  1. Notice of Annual General Meeting.
  2. Whitianga Bile Club 2011 Annual Report to Sponsors and Supporter.
  3. Family Day out at the Bike Park.

The AGM is being held on Thursday 11 October 2012 at 6.30 pm at the Monkey House;18 Coghill St, Whitianga. The business is to receive the financial statements for the year ending 30 May 2012, to elect a committee which consists of a chairman, secretary and 5 committee persons; and to fix a subscription for the next year. Currently it is nil since we rely on donations and community support. This formal business is followed by a discussion on operations and a BMX racing film and MTB film. There will be a spot prize draw. All at the meeting will have a ticket given on entry to go into this draw.

The Annual Report covers what has happened during the year. The key points here are the increased usage of the park because of the trail and track improvements, the consolidation of the Pump track surface, addition of seats from TCDC, the addition of a water fountain with help from Edward Gibbon; the ongoing help from Correction Department work teams, and the gardening help from Noel and Ray Hewlett. Looking at the future, our plans are to build a walkway wide enough for kiddies trikes and bikes with out-riggers to cater for the young.

A copy of the annual accounts will be tabled at the meeting and copies can be emailed to interested persons. See notice of meeting. What they show is:

Income from donations, sponsorship and special grants $6807

Administration expenses, insurance etc                           $ 651

Advertising and map purchases                                       $ 263

Trail and track costs, signage etc                                    $4946

Total costs                                                                       $5860

Operating surplus                                                             $ 947

New Trail for Tri-cycles

We mention this in the annual report. It will be a boarded track a little above ground level and will link using a small bridge, 2 trails so as to form a track which young riders can use whilst other older member of the family are on the BMX etc. Close by are the seats which were removed from town and given to us by TCDC. Also close by are the BQ and water fountain.

The Dirt Track

The constant wet weather has delayed completion of this. The hills are partially built and consolidated but the final shaping had to be abandoned  as the rain made the ground too soft for the digger. If there is some dry weather we can finish it and place the artificial turf mats over them with the fine gravel in the hollows and open it in Labour weekend.

Family Fun Day in The Park

On Sunday 21 October [Labour weekend] a fun day is being held at the park. A notice is attached. Starting at 12 noon until 4 pm it will offer Billy Tea,  BBQ sausages, BMX race organized by Sport Waikato, Target Golf, and guided walks to the Kauri Grove. At 3pm there is a Treasure Hunt for 5 to 12 year old supported by Whitianga Social Services, Mercury Bay Area School and The Bike Man. Ticket cost $2 per child; first prize $100, plus 4 runner up prizes of $25 and 195 prizes of $1. There are only 200 tickets!

Points to remember

If you are carrying a bike on a rack at the back of the vehicle do not obscure the registration number plate. Either get a plate from the Registration office or make one of similar size with black letters and numbers and tie it to the bike frame for the trip.

The car park at the bike park is very soft having been damaged by a 4 wd drive vehicle doing do-nuts on the surface. If it is really wet use the car parks on Moewai Rd.

Where to ride in Mercury Bay Area.
The following are shown in the Club Off- Road Guide available from The Bike Man and the I-Site
Whitianga Bike Park. [All trails in detail on www.tracks.org.nz web page] half day. Shakespeare Headland; on club web page, half day: Waitaia Beach; half day with togs;
Broken Hill Battery at Tairua, half day on way to Mercury Bay; Rangihau Valley Rage near Coroglen needs a day with a pub at the end!; Wade Road Loop to Kuaotuna through forest, half day; 309 Rd to Te Rerenga via Castle Rock full day.
And At the Bike Park there is the BMX track, a Pump track, a Skill Zone, a Kiddies board walk track, plus a dirt track!!

Have fun.  

SEPTEMBER 2012 Newsletter No 69 - Special Edition

This edition has some information that most of you already know, but on Saturday 15 September 2012 lots of visitors will be coming to Whitianga many with bikes and they will want to know what offers. Our newsletter is published on our web page so if they wish the visitors can see this information prior to leaving home.

On the way to Whitianga from Auckland, Waikato or from further south head towards Kopu near Thames. Park in the car park that was the old road [eastern side of bridge] and ride under the new bridge and then down the Hauraki Rail Trail. An easy ride where the only hills for the first 20 km are the bridges over the rivers and streams. Two metres wide and gravel surface means all the family can ride it, and the Hauraki Herald recently featured an article on the number of persons riding it and how pleased the businesses in neighbouring towns were, with increased patronage.

At Whitianga we have the club bike park. But it is more than that. An arboretum is growing well, there are delightful walks in the bush including one to a young kauri grove and a nikau palm valley. On site are a drinking fountain, a toilet and BQ with fuel. There is plenty for the adults to do whilst the young ride the BMX track or the Pump track or the skill zone, or disappear along the 10 km of mountain bike trails.

All this is free.

There are other riding locations and at The Bike Man shop, Dive Zone shop and the I-Site there are booklets available describing lots of other places to ride and have fun. They cost $4 and come in a plastic bag to keep them dry when in your pocket. By the way Greg the Bike Man is a fully trained mechanic and will attend to any bike problems whilst you are there. There is a full description of the trails on www.tracks.org.nz.

Parents can be at the Scallop Festival whilst the children ride out on the cycle way to the bike park. THE KEY THING IS BRING YOUR BIKE.

Maybe after a feed of scallops, and a hard ride you need a change of challenge. About 5 km south of Whitianga is High Zone, an adventure park with ropes and flying fox suitable for all ages. Not just an adventure park but a challenge to mind and body as well. Give it a try.


We will add gravel to me of the BMX track in the next few weeks. The heavy usage has caused some parts to become bare. The mats covering the tops of the hills is also being anchored as the high wind tend to move them around.

The MTB trails in the bush have had shell added to keep them all weather for riding. They are all clear of foliage and as the days get longer with increased sunshine the trails will dry faster under the trees. Some trails are still to be worked on.

The Dirt Track is largely built but we need some fine weather to get machinery on site to complete the shaping and surfacing. Sonny Browne of Coroglen was dubious about the ground and was proven correct when the soft wet ground bogged front end loader before the job was completed. Hopefully it will open for Labour Weekend.

Kiddies Trail. Plans have been developed of a low level board walk that will let riders on tri-cycles and bikes with support wheels have fun whilst older family members play elsewhere or have a BBQ. It is subject to finance and will be located behind the BMX storage container.

Whilst not a trail the grass fine weather car park beside the water treatment, was damaged recently by some one driving a four wheel vehicle. We have done some repair work to it but it is still very cut up. Their few minutes of bad driving caused us many hours of work to restore.


If you wish to help us with the park please send your donation to Noel Hewlett at 63 Robinson Rd Whitianga.  Although we do have the donation box near the BMX track. If you want to use electronic banking the account is ---Kiwibank #389002 0611973 00 but add your name and if you like send an email to us so we can thank you.

We also have received a donation from The Warehouse at Whitianga. If they supply shoppers with a plastic bag they make a small charge for the bag and donate it to a community club. We thank them for assisting us.

Whilst at the park have a look at the trees . Most carry names of the donors. These together with many other signs are made by Whitianga Signs who give the club great help.

Have fun. 

JULY 2012 Newsletter No 68

Why no news ? Well we have been busy at the park and also took a holiday.


Pub Charity gave a grant to help us construct a series of high jumps. Over a period in April and Maythese were shaped up and we are now waiting for
 them to consolidate. The heavy rain is helping . More recently we have been on site again with machinery to create drains around them and tidy up some of thehills. We still have to lift spoil to the top of the hills and let that settle before we can open it.

These high jumps are a continuation off a leg of the BMX track. This provides the high start off point and the track then splits into to sections; that on the left is easier and lower than that on the right. Both continue down the slope and then link into Scratchy Lane Trail for the return to the BMX starting ramp.

These jumps are for advanced riders only, so signage will be in place before we open them. We will also have to surface the hills with gravel to minimize wear.

The BMX track is under constant use. Most days in school holidays see 30+ riders enjoying it. Again we will be resurfacing the hills in the near future as constant riding is cutting the surface. The Sport Waikato bike day in February was a great success and photos of the children enjoying the park featured in the Corrections Department newsletter. They have been involved in the development and maintenance for some years now, and some of their crew take great pleasure in seeing the young and others using what they have created.

The mountain bike trails are being worked on at present. Foliage is being cut back to keep it away from riders eyes, and water scouring on the trails is being filled. Some trail edges are dropping so work teams will fix those too. On the more difficult trails we will build up the berms of they can be ridden faster.

On Top Hat trail we created a new trail down the very steep part leading to the bridge over the stream at the bottom. We took the trail on a more gradual line with a small bridge over a valley. However keen riders have reopened the old trail for those wanting the challenge. The bridge is also having some boards replaced and new netting added to the surface.

PUMP TRACK has settled down and water is now under control so trail is popular.


The Hauraki Rail Bike Trail opened in May and it has proven very popular. One of the places to join it are at the Kopu Rd carpark by the new bridge. You ride under the new road and head towards Paeroa. Also recently opened is the trail at Opokiti. It starts in the sand hills. The Waikato River Trail is getting lots of use and so is the Puerora trail created by DOC.

Trails like these are very popular in NSW, South Australia and Victoria, Australia. America and Canada have lots and so does Europe. In Dalmatia in Croatia there are so many using their bike trail at Srima near the town of Vodice that they are providing overnight shelter in rebuilt 6th century corbelled dry stone wall buildings. They are a bit like an igloo and were built for shepherds.   Here in NZ there have been many new buildings constructed to provide overnight shelter and they are getting well used together with the new coffee shops etc.

FEBRUARY 2012   Newsletter No 67


Sport Waikato comes to Whitianga on Thursday 23 February. It will be at the Whitianga Bike Park from 10 am until 1 pm.

There is information at the schools or contact Lisa Jury mob 027 494 5600 or email [email protected]


Colville Connection is again being organized by totalsport.co.nz on 10 March 2012. There are seven options; some are walk/run, some are pure mountain bike over 3 differing distances and there is a marathon. This is around the northern tip of the peninsula and is a popular event. Further details are at www.colvilleconnection.co.nz


During the holiday period the trails and BMX track saw lots of use which wore some surfaces  out but this was also because of the wet conditions in the period. They are now fixed. It appears that as fewer boats put to sea in the poor conditions, members of the family entertained themselves in the park.

The BMX track is in great order and it is pleasing to see some of the younger riders getting confidence with regular riding.

The Pump Track is also well used and we hope to add some more hills in the future when we can get some dirt to put there. The drains are now functioning well so ground is generally dry, and the drains are also a popular ride through.

The mountain bike trails are now dry and riding well. Hi-Octane still needs some TLC so as to get the berms sorted out. TOP HAT has had some reshaping and a by-pass added. The steep descent with logs as steps did not ride well. The logs have been removed and the descent shaped into an “S” with berms. The by-pass is a traverse with a bridge. Both meet at the stream below.

A visitor recently said how very well presented the park grass and plantings were. We have commented in the past on the establishing an Arboretum and to that has been added an herb garden for the benefit of the local community. The grass is cut by Noel Hewlett and a team from Corrections Department and their endeavours have been really helped by the purchase of a large self driving wide cut mower with funding from our friends at Ground Effect. What a team effort. Ray Hewlett keeps the drains clear and the plants watered and this effort is also helped with a team from Whitianga Lions; Erwin Penwarden their President, John Pedersen and Robbie Yeomans who also lent a water pump so we can use water from the stream. Yes the development is looking very tidy and is in constant use by riders and walkers.

Facilities have just been improved with the installation of a drinking water fountain. Young riders never seem to remember to bring a water bottle, nor do walkers for that matter so the fountain will be an important improvement. We thank Edward Gibbon for their support in this facility.


The Peninsula could become a bike riders Mecca if current progress continues. In addition to our park providing 3 or more hours riding and the other trails we have written about in the Mercury Bay Trail Guide [$4 from Bike Man or Whitianga I-Site] with some days riding, new locations are being developed.

At Whangamata the Multisport Club are constantly working on trail development in “matariki” Forest. There are 20 trails there and details and map are available from Whangamata Pedal & Paddle in Port Rd. Ph 07 865 8096

We have mentioned before Thames Mountain Bike Club are working towards re-opening old walking trails in their location

Also during the summer, cyclists from Auckland traveled on the Discovery Ferry to Coromandel and rode from there before returning on Sunday night.


Recently we ran an advertisement seeking donations from the people of Whitianga so we can continue to maintain this valuable community asset. We were very grateful to receive some donations towards our cause. Parents of some of the young riders may wish to help too. When we started parents were a great help both financially and with man-power. Those young have now left town and the newer users ignore the fact that effort and cash are needed to keep it going.

If you want to help send your donation to the club care 83 Robinson Rd Whitianga.

Have fun. 

DECEMBER 2011  Newsletter 66

Mountain Bike Trails

The heavy rain in the Coromandel region did not do too much damage to the trails. What it did do was stop workers filling in some of the water grooves in the trails. Despite this the trails are in good shape for the holiday season. If when riding you find a problem either tell the Bike Man in Coghill St or send us a message so we know about it. We do not ride the trails every day!

BMX Track

Again there was some water damage but this has been repaired and more matting added to stop erosion and wear and tear. The drains in the middle of the tracks are now working well so mud is reduced. A good thing for parents but perhaps a negative for the riders. Grass is flourishing and requires constant cutting to keep it short for easy riding for the learners who often leave the track.

Pump Track

Very popular and now that the drains are working is great fun. We hope in late January to add some more hills and also increase some of the berms by reshaping. Keeping the grass short between the hills is a challenge since we must keep it grassed to keep the water off. The basic tracks are grass free.

Subscriptions and Donations

As we have said before, our park is free to use whether it be MTB, BMX, Pump or skill. Also walkers use it a lot and so do runners. We do have costs though, rent, insurance, toilet cleaning, bridge and trail repairs, tool purchases, fuel and so it goes on. We have few members as the young tend to leave the town once schooling is finished so our income is mainly from donations and local sponsorship together with a grant from the TCDC Community Board. With out this help we would not be still going. We have proved our success with the development we now have, a development that has taken 8 years. Without the considerable support of labour from the Corrections Department we would not be where we are. You can also support us if you wish by posting a donation/subscription to our address or banking direct to our account at:-

Whitianga Bike Club at Kiwi Bank, Wellington  389 002 0611973 00 Enter your name so we know who helped us.


At the Annual General Meeting a few weeks ago, Tina Clark stepped down as Secretary, due to pressure of work. We thank her for her support and are glad she is still on the committee. Noel Hewlett has accepted the role of Secretary. Matt Highway is Chairman and a keen rider. We will update the web page soon.

New Mower

We need a bigger mower to control the grass. The mower purchased earlier this year using a grant from the Ground Effect Slush Fund  is getting overworked as we have the surrounds to the plantings in the arboretum to keep tidy. We plan to purchase a second hand reconditioned large 70 cm cut Masport at a cost of $700. If you can help pay for it that would be great.


A month ago we had a lot of dry weather but with regular watering, most of the plantings seen to be growing. The deluge this week is welcomed by the plants. Wander around them when next on site.

Bike Carriers

Many bikes are carried on racks mounted on tow bars. The problem is that the bike and rack block to registration plate from view. The police have notified bike clubs that they plan to enforce the existing law and take action against vehicles with hidden plates. You can solve the problem with what they call a “temporary plate.” Full details are at:


The cost is $17.08 and a envelope to put on the bike is $11

Local Trials

There are lots of trails to ride. These are in a booklet available at Mercury Bay I-Site, The Bike Man in Coghill St, Tairua I-Site and some tourist counters. They cost $4. Day after day of riding fun. As we are on holiday best to get locally.

Have a great holiday in Mercury Bay.

NOVEMBER 2011  Newsletter 65

Where have we been you ask? Very busy, but we will now bring you up to date.

Mountain Bike Trails

These came through the winter well. There was some water damage but most is now fixed. All are riding well although those grades 6 to 8 need care.

BMX Track

Work parties have got this into very good shape. Grass surrounds have been kept short [despite the vigorous growth] making the track safer for young riders. Most of the broken concrete dumped by a TCDC contractor some time ago, has been removed or buried. The artificial turf from the bowling club really does protect the track surface from rain and hard wear.

There have been two bike skill training sessions and these were a lot of fun for the 30+,  riders on site. There are plans to add some challenges to the track by extending it, to incorporate some higher hills but this will be subject to finance and when that is in place, weather. A side benefit is that the drains will get rid of the water that lies around Scratchy Lane Trail

Pump Track

Very popular especially with younger riders who do not want to ride the BMX track. Again the hills are covered with turf to stop washing and wearing. There is still work to be done on the jumps over the stream but the pump track is pumping and consolidating.

The Bike Park Arboretum

Some months ago TCDC arranged for the blackberry to be sprayed and the Corrections Department then followed that with scrub bar clearing of the sticks etc. Next on the scene were the Whitianga Lions Club members supported by a Community Work team from Paeroa, Howard Saunders from Streetsmart, Scott Farrell from TCDC, Hirini Rolleston and Matt Highway from Waikato Regional Council, and they planted in excess of 150 plants that were supplied by Colin Hill,  TCDC and others. This has transformed a waste of vines and rubbish to what is already becoming an attractive grove to be called The Lions Grove. Labels are on the trees to acknowledge this help, and Whitianga Signs helped with these labels. In the future those riding Scratchy Lane Trail will ride through this grove.

Thames Mountain Bike Club

They are making progress on getting some trails and already have mapped the route with a GPS  They organized for us some special tools for track building at no cost to us. Thanks guys.

Cycle way News

Not all our readers will be using these but as we post on the web page we do include what is happening.

In July the New Zealand Herald reported on the opening of the Northland from Opua to Okaihau down the western side of Lake Omapere to Kaikohe.   Meantime in the Waikato Times there are reports about riding the new Waikato River Trail that opened on Saturday 5 November. It stretches from Lake Atiamuri to Whakamaru.

We hear complaints of slowness in getting the New Zealand Cycleway trail going. Some think the Government  is not delivering but the Hauraki Herald recently had an advertisement by Hauraki District Council reported how progress was being made on the trail through their district after dealing with Resource Management issue, access to land, design, iwi discussions  and a host of other hold ups. Progress should now be faster and some of the trail in their district is in place

An Internet Special

On YouTube there is a film of a mountain bike rider who was racing in a Wild Life Park. An antelope charged the rider and decked him. Go to YouTube “Antelope Attacks cyclist caught on tape”. Best version is TYT Sports Channel. His helmet was wrecked.

Have fun.

DECEMBER 2010 SPECIAL Newsletter 61



Do not forget that the meeting is on Wednesday 8 December 2010 at 7.30 pm. We want to hear your views to help plan for the future. Our park offers off-road riding which if you read the press is safer than riding the roads. In our area we have logging trucks, stock trucks and trailers, wide boat trailers behind narrow cars, and a few hoons all making the roads hazardous. You can help keep us moving forward.

What did it cost for the year to 31 May 2010?

This is an abridged statement of the financial statements to 31 May 2010

Income. Subscriptions and donations 2020 Sponsorship

650 Sundry sales

283 TOTAL 2953

Expenses. Lease 281 Insurance 883 maps and books 352 Trail development 1755 Advertising 370 other 152 TOTAL 3793

Net operational loss $839

This shows how important your donations are to the club

Bike Helmets

A report in the Hauraki Herald states that the police are going to be tough on riders on the road without helmets. For safety sake we want you to keep them on in the bike park.

Working Party

We plan to have a public working party just before the holiday season to make sure the grass and trails are tidy for the Christmas rush. Expect to hear from us. It will not be hard work just a bit more than gardening.

Theft of gear from container

As we reported recently the lock on the container was smashed and gear stolen from the container. We greatly appreciate being given a scrub bar and a chainsaw to replace them. We still are working on replacement safety clothing and a mower plus some saws and hammers so if anyone has some old ones that are spare please let the Bikeman know. Also we have been given a basket ball hoop which has been placed beside the container. We will give you full details of these gifts in next newsletter.

Got a spare $5?

If so send it to the club at the address above. We always need financial help

Web Page

Our web master Chris Chaney now has this up to date and some new photos on it too.

Local Trails Guide

This is essential reading for all visitors to the Bay these holidays. It comes in a plastic bag in case it rains when you go riding. Some of the trails listed can be walked. Available at i-site Whitianga, Bikeman in Coghill St, Dive HQ, Hahei Dive Centre and some Auckland Bike Shops at $4 per copy.

NOVEMBER 2010 Newsletter 60

Theft of equipment

It is regretted that recently we have had theft and graffiti attacks on the bike park property. The Ground Effect bike wash had the hose, brush and control tap stolen a few weeks back so could not be operated. We have since fixed it.

Then two weeks ago the lock on the container was smashed open, [despite being a special lock for the purpose] and scrub cuttinggear safety gear and chainsaw etc were stolen. The police reported in “Peninsula Post” newspaper that agriculture equipment was being targeted in the area by cannabis growers so I guess that is where it is now. At the same time graffiti was put on the container and toilet.

The location is isolated and insurance here is not available so the club now has to raise funds to replace this equipment. This is covered later in this message.


On the positive side the park is now really looking good. Thanks to Sonny Browne and his machinery, the drain above the Pump Track has been cleared and now drains the spring that was making the Pump Track so wet. The hills down the golf club boundary have been shaped by Noel Hewlett and his brother Ray, and shelled on the surface. Already they are in use. The central ditch jumps will be completed in the next few weeks. The local lads say a bigger take-off is needed.

Both the learners trail Fieldmouse and the Fun Zone have had the structures repaired and a couple of the bridges will be realigned soon. The floods earlier in the year caused damage.

The perimeter of the BMX track has had a lot of planting done using flax donated to the club and pohutukawas donated by Environment Waikato. The ground is very dry at present but we will water them and hopefully they will enhance the site. The BMX track has had considerable use, especially now that for some the school year has finished. Work teams will re-gravel some of the slopes next week. The valley between the riding straights have had the small waste concrete pieces removed and will now be kept mown..

The grass surrounds of the container, BMX track and the access to the MTB trails and walking tracks are being kept cut and tidy. The plantings are now starting to grow. Many of these trees were donated. Thank you to those who have helped..

Mountain Bike Trails

These are now dry and great riding. The two trees that fell across them have been removed. During the summer we plan to berm some of Hi-Octane trail and others like Swinger where there has been subsidence. Some of the members are looking at creating a long downhill with jumps and berms. The entry would be at the top of Summit Loop and permission to enter other land will be needed but meantime they are looking to see if it can be done. Now that the BMX and Pump track developments are finished and the flood damage repaired we can look at maintaining trails.

Looking for new riding locations?

Then join Don Bricknall of Hawkes Bay MTB Club. He has set up a contact site www.Bigbluemtb.com. Here you can upload videos, pics etc. Also when you head to a new riding place you can contact a local member and ride with them as a local guide.

Don’t forget Tim Farmer also has some good rides. E:[email protected],co


After a public meeting in November 2003 the Whitianga Bike Club was formed to develop a bike park and seek a licence over land owned by Thames Coromandel District Council. In December 2004 the first trails were opened. This commercial land taken for waterworks development and is also a flood plain for the watershed behind. Since then the Club with the help of our sponsors, members of the community, teams from The Corrections Department, local contractors, and donations from many has now completed developing this public facility. We now offer the town and its visitors, a free to use public facility where young can learn to ride, visitors and all others can enjoy a challenge. We remain the only bike park on the Peninsula.

We need financial help

We have to raise funds to buy new tools, mower, scrub bar, safety equipment to replace that stolen. Can you help? We are seeking $1400. Every little donation helps. If you want to help us either:

Credit our account at Kiwibank #389002 0611973 00 putting your name on the deposit and emailing the club above OR

Post a cheque to the club at 16 Coghill St Whitianga 3510 enclosing your name and address.


The holiday season is nearly here. Pack you bikes and have some fun. The park caters for all abilities, including Mum and Dad. But if Mum and Dad want to just watch the young have a good time they can sit on the seats provided. If you want to ride all the trails allow a couple of hours and take some water. If you want to ride further afield then get a local trails guide from The Bikeman in Coghill St or the i-Site in Albert St for all other riding trails/tracks in the area. You are in for a lot of fun.

SEPTEMBER 2010 Newsletter 59

What’s has been happening

In our June newsletter we told you how we had to shut FIELDMOUSE trail. It was only for a few weeks but even now it still needs more work to restore it. It is on a flood plain and flood it did. One bridge floated away into the stream and others floated on to the surrounding land. A Corrections Department work team moved most of them back and the big bridge was put in place by Dirk Seiling and his tractor. Many thanks Dirk.

Whilst the bridges are now in place the approaches are still not good especially for younger riders so that is the next goal.

The BMX TRACK is under constant use, no matter what the weather. It has settled in well and the drains between the hills/jumps are now consolidated and working well. If any person has an old but working rotary motor mower they no longer need we could use one. People changing from house to apartment often have these. Let Greg at the BikeMan shop know.

The PUMP TRACK has had a lot of work on it. It is still soft as the wet ground has not had time to settle with so much rain so it is best not ridden at present. Hills as well as jumps over the ditch are in place and three bridges over the ditch have been built. The new bridge on SCRATCHY LANE trail where it crosses the PUMP TRACK is nearly finished. The pipe that was there could not carry the flood waters.

The TCDC waterworks alongside our site have now been fenced off and a new truck access formed around it so shell and metal can still be delivered to our facilities. However visitors to the park whether it is to ride or walk the trails should still park in Moewai Road and enter there. A new self closing entry has been constructed with a new entry sign. We thank Ground Effect one of our sponsors in Christchurch for their donation of this sign. By the way, they moved their bike garment manufacturing to new premises last year and were glad they did as the old building collapsed in the earthquake.

The ARBORETUM continues to expand. We thank the students and teachers from Mercury Bay Area School for planting the pohutukawas three weeks ago. Environment Waikato staff member Matt Highway oversaw it with Noel Hewlett helping. It is really taking shape and in years to come will be most attractive. Alongside all this planting is a new carved kauri trunk. This has been donated to the park. It was previously at the Historic Society Museum near the wharf but they needed the space. It was carved by Rex Gibbs of Hamilton.

Parents of some of our younger riders. Are you able to help in Labour Weekend if we arrange some races for the juniors? Let Greg at the bike shop know. If enough want to give it a try we will organize it with parents help and LFM 88.4 help too. It will cater for all age groups.

For Sale

At the Bike man shop, Information Sites, and many other bike shops you can get a guide on bike trails in Mercury Bay. Costing $4 in a waterproof bag it is really handy. It is good for those who walk the trails too. All profits go to the club. Bike Park trail maps are also available as well. If you cannot get one at the above, send us an email.

Annual Meeting

This is planned for mid-October. Notice will be sent out then. We will be looking for more help on the committee to assist with races and fund raising but it is not very time consuming. Last year ending 30 May was not a financial success, as we lost $1000. Donations were down and sponsorship was too. Please support our sponsors since without them we would have no bike park. We are very grateful for the Mercury Bay Community Board assistance of $800 recently.

Do you want some new riding spots?

Send an email to Tim Farmer at [email protected] and he will give you the goss. via his Facebook page.

Have fun.


Very Important Message


This trail is the one beside Moewai Road and is used by learners and novice riders.

As a result of the storm last week, this trail and surrounding land was flooded with half a metre of water over it. Whilst the main access bridges called Power Pole and Three Trees were also covered, they remain in position but the smaller bridges on the flats have all been damaged and in one case floated away.

Since without these bridges the trail is not safe to ride, it has been closed until machinery can lift the bridges back into position and teams re-instate the approaches.

Damage to some structures has occurred as well and this will also be fixed at the same time.


Please do not attempt to ride this track at present. Water has washed away the approaches to two of the crossings over the centre ditch. It is intended to replace one of the crossings with a bridge to prevent such damage again. Meantime do no use the track as you will damage the riding surface.


We will have the bridge on Quarry trail back before the school holidays so that access can continue to BMX track and other trails. If you are in the park before we have this done, then ride up from the Home Trail exit to the bridge behind the water treatment shed.


Yes we always need cash to keep the park going. Machinery for repairs needs funds, and so do timber, nails etc. If you can help please do. Post donations to address above or credit our account and let us know please.

Whitianga Bike Club- Kiwibank 389002 0611973 00


At this time of year when the trails are soft and wet, try other locations. Get a copy of our local trail guide from the I-Sites and Whitianga and Tairua, as well as many bike shops. Cost is $4. If you email us we will post you one.


We have told you before about all the trees now planted in the BMX track vicinity. We have been donated many pohutukawa trees and will be planting them near the trails and along the Moewai Rd boundary. Looking ahead, they will be something ride under and a great roadside avenue.

June 2010 Newsletter 57


You will need your bike at Whitianga. Here is the reason why:-


Overall they are in good condition and only a few like Hi Octane, Rattlesnake, Two Guys, Top Hat and the full Summit Loop are not good. The by-pass on Summit Loop is okay. The descent into the stream on Top Hat has to be checked after the flood

Most of the trails are soft but the shell surface is in good order but avoid skids and other riding that wrecks the trail surface until it hardens up.


Under constant use, the surface is lasting very well. On this Friday we will arrange to have some of the shell and grit raked back on to the riding surface which will keep the mud away. Please do not cut slots in the banks as it spoils the surface for other users.


The see-saw has been fixed so that it is now fully usable. It is very wet around the structures at the moment but by the weekend the ground should have drained. Might still be a bit muddy but so what!


The stream in the middle took most of the water away from the site but the new riding surfaces are still soft and the hillocks are still not finished. The stream jumps are in place but ground around them is very soft so best not to use them at present. Shell covers the main tracks and hopefully short grass will grow between them.


The park access is through the new entrance down beside the Fun Zone. The driveway up to the water storage facilities is being shut off and fenced. The new service road for trucks etc is very rough. It does remove part of the Home Trail and this will be rebuilt as soon as possible since the rough rock is hard to ride. Use the proper car parks on the side of Moewai Road. They are also handy to The Ground Effect Bike Wash station too


This is still located near the BMX Track and the new Arboretum. You should see the trees that are now growing in this area.It will look great when they are a little bigger.


The heavy rain in the last week has really flooded some of the surrounding roads and flat areas. SH 27 was under water, so was the airfield and areas around it. We had water on Fieldmouse Trail but when the tide drops we expect it to drain.


Without our supporters listed alongside we would not be able to keep this facility in the town. They provide funds for us to meet rent and operating costs. Please support them when you can. We also have support from others like Sonny Browne at Coroglen who used his digger to build the BMX track and much of the PUMP track. Brendan O’Connell of All Terrain Bobcat Services [0274-934212] shaped the surface of the Pump Track. We thank them all.

Now it is your turn. You would help us considerably if you sent us $5 or $10 as a subscription and donation. Either post to the above address or bank to our account at KIWIBANK #389002 0611973 with your name in the particulars. An email to us will tell us what you have done. In July we will send you a set of our financial accounts to show how we use the money.


Our small trail guide list lots of other place to ride off road. Cost $4 and available at many bike shops, the I-Sites at Whitianga and Tairua.

Have fun.


Very Important Message


This trail is the one beside Moewai Road and is used by learners and novice riders.

As a result of the storm last week, this trail and surrounding land was flooded with half a metre of water over it. Whilst the main access bridges called Power Pole and Three Trees were also covered, they remain in position but the smaller bridges on the flats have all been damaged and in one case floated away.

Since without these bridges the trail is not safe to ride, it has been closed until machinery can lift the bridges back into position and teams re-instate the approaches.

Damage to some structures has occurred as well and this will also be fixed at the same time.


Please do not attempt to ride this track at present. Water has washed away the approaches to two of the crossings over the centre ditch. It is intended to replace one of the crossings with a bridge to prevent such damage again. Meantime do no use the track as you will damage the riding surface.


We will have the bridge on Quarry trail back before the school holidays so that access can continue to BMX track and other trails. If you are in the park before we have this done, then ride up from the Home Trail exit to the bridge behind the water treatment shed.


Yes we always need cash to keep the park going. Machinery for repairs needs funds, and so do timber, nails etc. If you can help please do. Post donations to address above or credit our account and let us know please.

Whitianga Bike Club- Kiwibank 389002 0611973 00


At this time of year when the trails are soft and wet, try other locations. Get a copy of our local trail guide from the I-Sites and Whitianga and Tairua, as well as many bike shops. Cost is $4. If you email us we will post you one.


We have told you before about all the trees now planted in the BMX track vicinity. We have been donated many pohutukawa trees and will be planting them near the trails and along the Moewai Rd boundary. Looking ahead, they will be something ride under and a great roadside avenue.

June 2010 Newsletter 57


You will need your bike at Whitianga. Here is the reason why:-


Overall they are in good condition and only a few like Hi Octane, Rattlesnake, Two Guys, Top Hat and the full Summit Loop are not good. The by-pass on Summit Loop is okay. The descent into the stream on Top Hat has to be checked after the flood.

Most of the trails are soft but the shell surface is in good order but avoid skids and other riding that wrecks the trail surface until it hardens up.


The ramps where you leave the structures are being reshaped so they do not get knocked down by the sheep grazing around them. Again February.


Under constant use, the surface is lasting very well. On this Friday we will arrange to have some of the shell and grit raked back on to the riding surface which will keep the mud away. Please do not cut slots in the banks as it spoils the surface for other users.


The see-saw has been fixed so that it is now fully usable. It is very wet around the structures at the moment but by the weekend the ground should have drained. Might still be a bit muddy but so what!.


The stream in the middle took most of the water away from the site but the new riding surfaces are still soft and the hillocks are still not finished. The stream jumps are in place but ground around them is very soft so best not to use them at present. Shell covers the main tracks and hopefully short grass will grow between them..


The park access is through the new entrance down beside the Fun Zone. The driveway up to the water storage facilities is being shut off and fenced. The new service road for trucks etc is very rough. It does remove part of the Home Trail and this will be rebuilt as soon as possible since the rough rock is hard to ride. Use the proper car parks on the side of Moewai Road. They are also handy to The Ground Effect Bike Wash station too.


This is still located near the BMX Track and the new Arboretum. You should see the trees that are now growing in this area. It will look great when they are a little bigger.


The heavy rain in the last week has really flooded some of the surrounding roads and flat areas. SH 27 was under water, so was the airfield and areas around it. We had water on Fieldmouse Trail but when the tide drops we expect it to drain..


Without our supporters listed alongside we would not be able to keep this facility in the town. They provide funds for us to meet rent and operating costs. Please support them when you can. We also have support from others like Sonny Browne at Coroglen who used his digger to build the BMX track and much of the PUMP track. Brendan O?Connell of All Terrain Bobcat Services [0274-934212] shaped the surface of the Pump Track. We thank them all.

Now it is your turn. You would help us considerably if you sent us $5 or $10 as a subscription and donation. Either post to the above address or bank to our account at KIWIBANK #389002 0611973 with your name in the particulars. An email to us will tell us what you have done. In July we will send you a set of our financial accounts to show how we use the monies.


Our small trail guide list lots of other place to ride off road. Cost $4 and available at many bike shops, the I-Sites at Whitianga and Tairua.

Have fun.

April 2010 Newsletter 56

A summary of happenings.


These are all dry and offer great riding. Whilst some need the edges stabilized because of dry weather, all give good riding conditions. Families will enjoy FIELDMOUSE on the side of Moewai RD and the good riders will find SUMMIT LOOP and HIGH OCTANE a challenge


The ramps where you leave the structures are being reshaped so they do not get knocked down by the sheep grazing around them. Again February.


IThis gets daily use from the young locals. The clay base has consolidated and the fine gravel and shell mix is lasting well. We hope to get a cement limestone mix on it in the future. The weeds and grass on the surface are gone too. Time you gave it a try.


Repairs have been done to the drop offs and the surrounds are now grazed short. The see-saw on the ground will be fixedshortly and that on the platforms has already been fixed.


New fencing has been added and the gates rebuilt so that access is now easy. We are adding a big sign to show where the entrance is. It will be much safer for those trying to open the gate when trucks are passing. The access up the water works lane is now closed.


During the last two months we have cleared the blackberry and rubbish together with old stumps and trees from this land. A ditch now drains it and the surface has been shaped to provide contoured riding ditches and humps. We are really grateful to Sonny Browne of Coroglen who made his digger available on 3 days to get this project shaped up. The ground still needs to dry out more so we can ride on it, as it was a bog with very smelly rotting vegetation, but this will happen during the next few weeks. The committee will then organize a working party and with a Bobcat finish shaping the humps and smoothing out the land. At the end of the day it will provide a wavy track and humps and a speed ditch that together with stream jumps and flats for wheelies. Don?t you wish you were young again? Maybe you are.


This is making good progress and we thank Noel Hewlett and his supporters for this. Their donations and Noel?s care is creating an attractive grove. The trees we planted around the BMX track are growing and now they have established their root structure we should see good progress this winter when it rains. If you want to donate a tree telephone Noel 07-8665115. In May we plan to have a planting work be to plant another lot of trees we expect then


Now that we have reached our goal and established the park we must look to the future and plan the maintenance of this asset. Noel has offered to supervise a person who would keep the trails clear, the grass around the BMX, PUMP Tracks and Fieldmouse trail. We are working on a proposal to achieve this as for safety reasons it must be kept in good order. As always cash is a requirement. We have been lucky that the local sponsors have helped us meet the rent and insurance costs. Without them we would have closed down. So please support them. Our big problem is getting volunteers but most clubs these days have that problem because of young families, long work hours and having to help with school sports etc. We cannot charge a gate entry so must keep the whole project lean as far as costs go.


Many of you have helped us with a subscription in the past. Some have also given a donation. The current subscription is $5 but if you want to pay that and give a donation too, we would be very grateful.

Either post with your name and address to our address above OR

Direct Credit to club bank account at:-

Kiwi Bank Wellington A/c 389002 0611973 entering your name and also email club so we can track it.


Do not forget all the other places to ride in Mercury Bay. A booklet on them is available at The Bikeman and at the Info Centres, Whitianga and Tairua

Have fun.

January 2010 Newsletter 55


The trails are great riding. They are dry so at times you slip on the dusty clay as traction is then poor. The learners flat: FIELDMOUSE is well used and there are calves helping to keep the grass under control. The junction along QUARRY trail has been called THE HUB and a map showing the trails that meet at this point has been placed there. Some riders said that the previous arrangement were confusing.

Nearly all the trails now have a crushed shell surface. Or rather they did have but the heavy holiday traffic has crushed them to powder in some places. It clearly shows the trail and fall line.

The stream at THE HUB flooded in December storm and the dam washed away. The water ride through was lost. A new dam is being built and in a few weeks time the ride through will be back. Luckily the stream continues to flow in the summer.

The HI OCTANE trail and TOP HAT trail are going to have some boards added to convert the steep slope to more of a staircase. The Trail Guides that Ground Effect sent us, show how to do this. It will make a descent more controlled. Hopefully it will be done in February


The ramps where you leave the structures are being reshaped so they do not get knocked down by the sheep grazing around them. Again February.


It has really had hard use in the holiday period. Clearly we are going to have to add cement to some of the slopes to stop them wearing. The grass around them is being controlled by weed killer on the track and scrub bar on the sloping sides. A mower will keep the floor between the legs where the drain is, tidy.


Alongside the BMX track is a piece of land covered in blackberry and long grass. We plan to clear this and see if some riding tracks can be scraped on to this surface. Shallow ditches will take away the water to the stream. Still in the planning and research stage.


We have told you in the past about other locations where you can ride for half day or day. We have a book of them selling at $4 if you email the club or call in to the Bikeman shop. It is also at I-Site Whitianga and Tairua, and some bike retailers in Auckland and dive shops at Hahei and Whitianga. These help make Whitianga a mountain biking destination.

One of the rides is the Rangihau Rage in the hills behind Coroglen. Park off the SH and head up the side road to the top. BUT better still is the helicopter ride to the top, some 2300ft. Six people each pay $170 and get a 2 ? 3 hour down hill ride back to the pub! There are river swimming places on the trail.

Or you can go by Coromandel Helicopters to Mt Ararat behind Whitianga. Here you start 1300 ft above the airfield and ride through bush and forestry. You have to allow an hour for this and I suggest you take a picnic lunch and togs if you not want to swim in bike shorts at a delightful stream near the end of the ride. Cost is a special during this summer at $95 per head. (usually$120)

Both rides suit more advanced riders. Bikes can be hired at $75 each- disc brakes and front suspension. I agree you can walk/ride up both trails but on a hot day for something new this takes the cake. Phone them at 0274 672643. They are based at Whitianga airfield


Noel Hewlett continues to keep the park looking in good shape. He wants to establish an arboretum around the BMX track and down to the stream. The SCRATCHY LANE trail will pass under thetrees when they have grown. He has arranged some tall trees at the local nursery and invites you to buy one for the park. A small sign of acknowledgement will be place at the base of your tree. Contact Noel for details at07-8665115.


In the New Years Honours the Queen appointed me an Officer of New Zealand Order of Merit [ONZM] for Services to sport. My sporting contribution has covered many sports and in particular in recent years triathlon; where I was the Technical Director and responsible for the competition rules and mountain biking where I have been the trail director for this club and over some six years supervised work teams mainly from Corrections Department as the bike park is established. To those of you who have helped my dream become a reality by supporting it I thank you.

Have fun.

December 2009 Newsletter 54

Getting ready for the holiday Season

By the end of this month we should have the park in good order. The trails in the bush have dried out after the winter rain and are generally ride-able. The ferns are cut back to keep them from your eyes.

FIELDMOUSE trail and the FUN ZONE in it will have all the trails cleared before the holidays. Those using it in the next few weeks will see there are some calves helping the sheep to get the grass under control. The warm damp weather has made the grass grow! Also keep away from the area if you see the trails being sprayed with weed killer during the next 10 days.

BMX track is getting plenty of use. The surface is being kept smoothed out pending rolling it the grit into the clay surface

The new toilet near the BMX is a great improvement and serves both riders and walkers.

Annual General Meeting

This will be on Thursday 10 December 2009 at 5.15pm at the Bikeman Shop, 16 Coghill St Whitianga. Come and meet the committee, hear what has been happening and join the committee if you wish to be involved. The meetings are not very long so pop in and show your support.

A changing membership

We recently decided to follow-up some of the original supporters of the club. Some emails were being returned and some addresses were no longer valid. What we found out is that some had now left school and travelled to university or technical training, some had changed towns, and many of the young no longer rode a bike as they now had a car. All in 7 years since we started in 2004.

If some of the new young wish to join us we would welcome them.

A great bike race.

During the holidays when the children want to see some TV, hire the ET video and towards the end of it see the bike race as ET is saved. Excitement at it?s best.Parents and grandparents like the film too.

Summer riding trails.

Our club trail guide is available from the club, our the I-Site in both Whitianga and Tairua, or the Bikeman. Price is $4. (Post free from club). Locations to ride are:

Whitianga Bike Park : Shakespeare Headland : Waitaia Beach : Broken Hill Reserve : Rangihau Valley : Wade Road Loop and Wade Road to Kuaotuna : 309 Road to Te Rerenga and Kuaotuna via Castle Rock

Some of these rides are half days some are longer. You can helicopter to top of Rangihau for a 2 ? 3 hour ride down to Coroglen Tavern. Do not forget the big ice creams at Kuaotuna Store either. Details in trail guide.

A waterproof coloured trail map is available fro The Bikeman or Whitianga I-Site or you can download it from our webpage.

New Locations?

Members are currently reviewing further trails in the Matarangi Beach area. One is partly formed although some clearing is needed and others are very overgrown. We will not have them for these holidays but will get a working party on them in January 2010, so watch this space. Just think surf and ride in a morning!


Remember last month we told you that this was not up to date because our web master Chris Chaney had broken his collar bone on the BMX track, well all is better and the web page is now up to date.

Please find time to attend the Annual General Meeting on Thursday 10 December 2009 at 5.15 pm. We would like your support. The financial statements and committee report will be present at it.

16 Coghill St, WHITIANGA, PHONE 07 8660745

October 2009 Newsletter 53


There has been a lot of rain but most trails can be ridden comfortably. Lack of sun on Hi-Octane and Rattlesnake mean they have not dried out so they may be very slippery. The learners? area of Field Mouse is well marked after Benson Lockhart weed killed the trail and the air jumps are all clear.


To provide a free to use park in the district we need supporters. We welcome Peninsula Post who advised us on preparing the book on local trails and also with advertising in their newspaper. We also welcome Beach Care Ltd (Phone 09-361 1550) who feature our park in the publicity they have for those seeking accommodation at Whitianga and surrounds.

Corrections Department teams continue to help maintain the BMX track and keep the trails shaped and clear of foliage. From Whitianga Social Services we have had assistance from Willy Davis, Josh Thomson, Ryan Fryer, Rhys Adams, Ricki Fraser and Sam Mourell who are training under a Work and Income scheme. They have mown the Scratchy Lane trail and other grass around the BMX and Home Trail. These areas really look good and the long grass, blackberry and reeds are kept out of the bike gears. Thanks Teams.


Chain links which is published by Cycling Advocates Network has listed the first of the Great Rides series that can be possible ?Quick Start? projects. The Hauraki Plains Trails will be two linked trails from Paeroa to Waihi via Karangahake George and the other Paeroa to Thames on the disused railway line. An initial portion of this trail is suggested as first stage.

There is also the Waikato River Trail and the Central North Island Rail Trail. For Full details Click Here


The book on these trails is available from club at the address above, or from Whitianga I Site or Tairua I Site and also Richardson at Cooks Beach, CycleXpress at Panmure; Wallis Cycles at Ellerslie; Hahei Beach Store and Hahei Dive Shop and Hahei Habitat all at Hahei. Cost is $4. You will need one for the summer. They can all be walked too.


As a result of 3 donations we have been able to place a SUPERLOO near the BMX track. It will be welcomed by the BMX riders, the MTB riders and the track walkers.It will be serviced regularly.


The Mercury Bay Community Board had considered correspondence from the Mercury Bay Golf Club wherein the golf club wished to include land being used by the bike club into their golf course. The Community Board decided that a meeting with themselves and representatives of both the golf club and the bike club was the best way of considering the implications and fixed a meeting date of 6 October, a date later amended to 14 October. Having travelled from Auckland to the meeting it was most annoying to be told on the morning of the meeting that it was cancelled because we understand, the golf club did not wish to attend. Was it because we were there? Anyway there is no progress and we will continue to provide a great bike park to all who live in the town and visit the town.


Our webmaster Chris Chaney will bring it up to date with a map of the trails and other information as soon as his injury is mended.

August 2009 Newsletter Number 52


Yes the last few months have seen plenty of rain to make the mountain bike trails soft and slippery. The wet also gets the fern and scrub growing so it is a constant challenge to keep the herbage back so it does not get in your eyes. The steeper and more advanced trails are best avoided at present.

Since summer, we have had Fieldmouse learners trails alongside Moewai Rd mown to keep the reeds away from the bike gears. This winter whilst the bike trail is on higher ground and still okay, around the edges of the trails is soft and swampy. Too soft for the tractor and mower. The main thing is that if you keep to the trail it is good riding.

BMX Track

The rain has helped consolidate the hills of spoil. Work parties have continued to shape the hills and keep the drains clear. Once the surface has dried out to let machinery on it, the top coat of crushed shell will be spread over it. As the mud is soft at present it is best not to ride it.


Fully ride able. Parents will now be able to leave the children riding on the fun zone rails and Fieldmouse trails whilst they practice their golf driving on the new golf driving range on SH 25 opposite Wade Rd.

Bike Park Future?

There has recently been comment in the local papers concerning our ongoing use of land we lease from Thames Coromandel District Council. We do not know what part of our park is under discussion as TCDC have not notified us of any submissions or plans they may have nor any approaches they may have received. The local press report that the area we use for novice riders called Fieldmouse trail, and the area on which is constructed the BMX track, was included in an initial discussion with the golf club, who wish to use this land for new clubrooms and car park. Currently much of it is zoned as a flood plain for Environment Waikato purposes. We have made a submission to Mercury Bay Community Board and asked TCDC to provide us with details. The Community Board has decided to meet further with the golf club but have not mentioned a meeting with the Bike Club. Our club currently occupy under a license only since if we sign a lease we become liable for both rent and rates etc!!.

The Dirt Track

The basic design is prepared but until TCDC have told us if they want us to stay or not; we will not proceed to lodge applications for it. Construction is nominal since the materials for the jumps will be recovered from the drain across the land.

Guide to Local Mountain Bike Rides in area.

This is available from Whitianga Info Site, Tairua Info Site, The Bikeman, Richardson Real Estate-Cooks Beach, Wallis Cycles Ellerslie, Cycle Xpress at Panmure, Hahei Dive Shop and Hahei Habitat. The cost is $4.

Most of these trails can be ridden or walked in the wet!! So pack you bike or walking shoes for Scallop Festival Weekend at Whitianga and enjoy.

The National Cycleway

A media report from TCDC advises that the most likely locations in our area where a start can be made are the Thames to Waihi section on the old railway line embankment.

Overseas observations

In London, a bike front wheel locked to a bike rack but the bike gone. In France on Saturdays, hundreds of bikes on vehicles leaving the towns Beside the Rivers Rhein and Danube, families of riders on the riverside track. In Paris, bicycles for hire parked alongside the road. A credit card lets you hire and return to another location.

Help wanted.

The trails need weed killer sprayed on them. Any volunteers who can drive a 4 wheel bike? Let Bikeman know.

JUNE 2009 Newsletter Number 51


After a long dry summer, the arrival of winter has made the trails under the trees slippery and soft. The black diamond graded trails of Hi-Octane and Rattlesnake have had water diversion boards let into them. Job not yet completed though. The ferns and plant growth has been cut back so all trails can be ridden. The Corrections Department team keep this open.

You will find the updated trail map on our web page


The basic shaping was done in December 2008 but because the contractor was committed to other work, we could not get the finishing work done after it consolidated. This is now done and some of the hills are re-shaped to make then sharper and higher. At the moment the track is no ride able but once raked and surfaced it will reopen. The end turns now flow well and the fourth leg is faster.


The grass around this area is now kept cut. The area is well used by young and old.


These are now fully functional. We will alter the catches to make them more user friendly with a gloved hand. They self close but not latch yet.


Investigations are proceeding on this. Peter Hawley a local surveyor has been on site and taken measurements to see how it would be. He will get us a plan for TCDC to look at, if concept proves to be successful. If built, a couple of trails will have to be moved a little and some drainage done but nothing major it seems. The track would be 90 metres long with a turning bank at the end, and the return from there would be about 40 metres. One track would have a 5 metre starting ramp and 2 metre hills and the other alongside would have lower hills for learners. However it will be November before the ground would be dry enough to build it.


We greatly appreciate a grant of $1000 from the TCDC Community Board towards our costs. All our facilities are free for any one to use so help like this is really great.Our standing costs for rent, weed spray, insurance, signage repairs exceed $1700 and then we have trail maintenance on top of that plus any new work to be done.

We thank the following for donations: Gill and Matt Farrer, Robert Spencer, Bruce Chambers, Greg and Tina Clark, Chris Ellett.


This is now available at $4 per copy. You will find copies at Whitianga Information Site; Tairua Information Site;- The Bikeman in Coghill St, Richardsons Real Estate at Cooks Beach;- Cycle Xpress,Basin View Lane, Panmure;- Hahei Beach Store;- Wallis Cycles, Ellerslie;- Hahei Dive Shop:- Hahei Habitat shop or by post order to club at 16 Coghill St, Whitianga with cheque for $4

This publication was only possible because of advertising support from:- The Bikeman in Coghill St; Courtier Homes in Joan Gasgill Drive; Peninsula Post offering a good read: Hi Zone Adventure Park with it ropes and posts high in the sky; Mercury Bay Holiday Park for body repairs; Garths Landscaping helping in the garden; Kuaotuna Store where the ice creams are wonderful; Eggsentric Café at Flaxmere Bay; Mercury Bay Medical Centre in Albert St; The Lost Spring Spa Pool in Cook Drive; ARC Adventure Racing for the adventurous; Haro and Diamondback Bikes always popular; Coroglen Tavern for food and refreshment; Coromandel Helicopters for a unique experience; Whitianga Waterways: Anchor Milk Whitianga.


Such a trail already exists in Canada. It is called The Route Verte (www.routeverte.com) This trail crosses Canada and is $4,300 km long. Development started in the 1980s when the government funded $88 million over 10 years. In the year 2000 cyclists contributed Can$95.4 million to the Canadian economy. The estimate for 2006 is Can$134 million. New Zealand will be joining Germany, USA, Swiss National Cycleway, Denmark and Australia with such a trail.

APRIL 2009 Newsletter 50


An update on the trails. The weather at the park has been reasonably dry so all the trails are in good order. If the weather is no good for boating and fishing, then bring the family to the bike park for some fun. There have been visitors from afar riding the trails lately. Say hello if you meet one.

The FIELDMOUSE trail for learners is now fully mown so blackberry and rushes will not get into the derailleurs


We had hoped to have it surfaced and shelled by this time but the contractors are busy putting a new power line in place so we have to wait, Mind you it is still giving lots of fun to young riders both after school and in the weekends. Most of the surface is now consolidated, and grass is cut.


Come to the park on Easter Sunday at 2.30 pm and enjoy music, a punch and sausages at the ?That?s Country Easter Ho-Down? Entry is $10 and profits go to the bike club. Tickets at the I Site or gate. Park in Moewai Road as space is limited.


They will be at the concert but we ran out of cash so they are not by the BMX track any longer. Riders plan accordingly.


We have published this and copies are available at I-Site, The Bikeman, Peninsula Post in Coghill St, and many motels. The rides are all described with times guide. $4 each, for 32 pages! We will post you one if you send $4 to Whitianga Bike Club account at Kiwibank # 389002 0611973 00 enter your name in details and email your address to the above. You can write to the above address to if you wish.

The book is only possible because of some new club sponsors and we thank them for their help.


Thank you to those who have sent donations and subscriptions. We will acknowledge you all in next newsletter. If you had it in mind and forgot to follow it up then it is not too late. Just $5 to the account above and we are all happy. Be happier still if there is a donation too. Do not forget to put your name in details on the slip


We are still working on this. We need some design information so we can see if it is feasible. It is actually hard to find except on You Tube which has pictures but no design information.


Support our sponsors. They all need you and we need them.

Do not forget you will need your bike this holiday. Pack it or pull it out of the shed.

MARCH 2009 Newsletter Number 49

The Trails

Despite the recent rain the trails are all in good condition We will shape some of the surfaces when a bit of rain softens the clay, but meantime they are riding well.

Fieldmouse which is the learners trail beside Moewai Rd has been tidied up and is really looking great. All the trails have been weed killed so grass will not get into the derailleurs.

Also in the tidy up has been the cutting of the rushes and similar grasses. The Dragons Tail is popular with the BMX bikes.

Stock Control Gates

Thanks to Ray Hewlett, these are now in place. The gate opens when hit by the front wheel of the bike and closes afterwards. This will really be helpful for the younger riders who had trouble lifting a bike over the old style gates. Funding was from Pub Charity.

The BMX Track

There has been a bit of consolidation on the track especially beside the container. This will be filled in the next week or two. It was expected though. The final grading of the surface will be done next week and a thin layer of shell put on it to keep the clay in control. The first jump is being widened to allow for boarders to use the starting ramp and this jump. The ?board? is a lengthened skateboard with large wheels.


During January it is estimated that over 1000 visitors used the park. We installed a portable toilet near the BMX, and have had to keep it on meantime.

Park Concert

Noel Hewlett has organized a concert ?That?s Country Easter Ho-Down? at 2.30 to 5.30pm on Easter Sunday-12 April. Entry is $10 per head for which you get Country Music by David Green, a glass of punch, and sausage etc. Any profit goes to the Bike Club bike park. Tickets from I-Site.

Whitianga Trails Guide.

There are lots of places to ride nearby Whitianga. After riding the Bike Park you can try other sites. The guide will be available at $4 in the Information site, the Bike Shop, some motels and other places where visitors gather. You can get them from the club by posting $4 to the above address. They come in a plastic bag to keep them dry when weather is not so good.

New Signage

Ground Effect clothing has again helped us with the cost of the signage on the new trails. Safety signage is very important to prevent riders getting lost or telling people where they are if injured. Many thanks again. Many will recall that they provided the funding for the Bike Wash Station


Unlike Kapiti Coast Bike Park, Taupo Bike parks, Rotorua Bike Parks, Hutt City Bike Parks and many others the land we occupy is rented to the club by the District Council. This together with the public liability insurance costs the club $1150 pa. Our sponsors help us pay for this but the balance we have to raise together with funds for repairs, weed killer tools and the like.

You can help us by sending a subscription of $5 to the above address, plus a donation if you wish. All donations of $20 or more will get a trail guide by return mail. Keep it in the house as it will be useful in the future.

If you wish to pay by direct credit then: Whitianga Bike Club- Kiwi Bank Account number 389002 0611973 00 and include your name. Also email us with your postal address us so we can keep a record of the transaction and post the book.

A Dirt Track

Following a suggestion, we are looking at whether a dirt track can be built on the site. If you want to see what they look like, go to You Tube ?Stowe mtb freeride park/dirt jumping

Bring the family to try out the trails and track

16 December 2008

Bike Park News.


Using funding from PUB CHARITY we have constructed the track in the shape of a W. Left side is fast; right is slower but they link. Currently it is settling prior to being rolled and having a thin layer of shell added to the top to keep the dust down. The starting ramp is from the top of the container which has been fenced, but riders must take care. Helmets must be worn at all times and jeans and gloves are also required. It will be fully functional for the holidays. Some pictures are on web gallery.

It is planned that a Port-a Loo will be alongside the container during the holidays when the track will be busy.

Stock Gates.

The surrounds for the gates at the end of each of the bridges over the canal are built. Gates will be in place in a week. This will save you having to lift your bike over the barrier half way across the bridge.

Trail Signage.

This is all in place and means if you have to call for help you can tell the helper where to find you.

Fieldmouse Learners Trail

This area is now dry so the young will have easy riding. The Dragons Tail ride over a series of humps has been modified by the younger riders to suit their style of riding. No dogs allowed, as there are sheep to keep the grass under control

Mtb Trails In Bush

These trails are now fairly dry so all are rideable. Some will be tidied up in the new year where the edges are dropping away. New pictures are on web gallery.

Web Page.

Thanks to Shaun and Toby two local students, this is now up to date. More information is being added regularly. The new trail map will be posted in a few days time. Also we plan to post a series of local rides too.

Local Ride Guide.

Because visitors to Whitianga often do not know where else they can ride whilst there, the club are producing a booklet which lists other rides that are available. Hopefully copies will be in the Information Office and the Bikeman shop by end December. These and the trail map will shortly be on the web because often riders arrive in town when shops are shut.

Subscriptions And Donations

At the recent Annual General Meeting it was decided to keep the subscription at $5 per person. Any extra will be treated as a donation.

Post with your name and address to the above address or direct credit to :

Whitianga Bike Club at Kiwibank, The Terrace Wellington.

Account Number - 389002 0611973 00

Thank you

New Trail

During the school holidays and breaks, Lee and Jay have formed a new trail near Skylark. Called TWO GUYS. They were the diggers and cutters for Rattlesnake.

We thank the following who without their support there would be no bike park:

Bayleys Realty 07 8660098;
Rod Percival Builders Ltd 07 8662818;
The bikeman 07 8660745;
Ray Whit Real Estate 07 8662190;
Richardsons Real Estate 07 8662373;
The Lost spring and Spa 121A Cook Drive;
Subway Whitianga 68D Albert St;
Dive HQ, 7 Blacksmith Lane;
Living for Music 88.4FM;
New Zealand PUB CHARITY;
Auckland Mountain Bike Club;
Department of Corrections.

17 November 2008

Bike Park News.

We have made good progress with the building of the gates that will prevent the sheep crossing over the canal . Gates have yet to be added but within a week or so this will be done. It will save the younger riders having to lift their bike over the wooden slats and frame. The Corrections team have shaped the DRAGONS TAIL so it can now be ridden. More of the trails in the learners area of FIELDMOUSE have been metalled. All this has been funded with a PUB CHARITY donation.

On the container located at the BMX site, fencing has been placed around the top to make it safe. A wooden floor on the top will be added next week. The materials for this are on site and funded again by PUB CHARITY.

SCRATCHY LANE trail has been changed by a small re-aligment to let the BMX track be built there. More of this trail will be surfaced with road metal on Friday 21st.

New signage is being prepared using the new BikeNZ grading system. This will be in place before the holidays.

A start on installing drainage and further shaping of the BMX track is due in the next week or so. It will also be available hopefully for the holiday season. A funding application to complete it has been lodged.

Local Rides

We expect to have a booklet of other local rides in the area, published before the holiday season. It will list locations within either a ride from Whitianga township or within a one hour drive. The committee have been riding them, to complete the reports. Some are family riding and some are awesome, with hard riding needed. As some are point to point, a friend with a car will be helpful. They will also be posted on the club web page when writing is finished. The current list will give at least 2 to 3 days challenging riding.

Web page

Keeping this up to date, got behind but in a few more days it will be current. This is because of the efforts of our 2 webmasters Shaun Chaney and Toby Herbert. They are senior students at Mercury Bay Area School. See their work in a day or two.

We thank the following who without their support there wouldbe no bike park:

Bayleys Realty 07 8660098;
Rod Percival Builders Ltd 07 8662818;
The bikeman 07 8660745;
Ray Whit Real Estate 07 8662190;
Richardsons Real Estate 07 8662373;
The Lost spring and Spa 121A Cook Drive;
Subway Whitianga 68D Albert St;
Dive HQ, 7 Blacksmith Lane;
Living for Music 88.4FM;
New Zealand PUB CHARITY;
Auckland Mountain Bike Club;
Department of Corrections.

16 Coghill St,Whitianga---Phone 07 8660745
16 October 2008

Labour Weekend News

Corrections Department work teams have continued to make progress during the last two months and the Bike Park is now really looking tidy and fun packed. The learners area FIELDMOUSE alongside Moewai Rd now has the trail well marked with gravel surface. Along the boundary with the Mercury Bay Golf Club we have added THE DRAGONS TAIL which will be a change for the younger riders to roll over. BMX bike should excel on it.

Some of the younger students in the town have cut and dug a new trail near SKYLARK. It will give them a sharp descent to try and ride. Enter it off ORION'S BELT. Also in that area, the work parties have cut and burnt the gorse from the bank and HOME trail.

Both TOP HAT trail and HI OCTANE trail are still very wet, but the PD work parties will be adding water diversion logs on the surface and reshaping a portion on both to improve riding. Subject to finance, we will replace the netting on TOP HAT bridge with a plastic safety tred.

During the winter some of the undergrowth alongside the trails in the bush was cleared and now new plants are taking it's place and the bush is growing. The activities area has also been cleared and a stage put there for the Christmas Party in the Park on December 14.


The design has been pegged out and prices obtained. We are currently working on plans to funds it. It will be shaped like two UU. The left U will be faster than the right but it will lead in to the right, which also has it's own access. We have ascertained that machinery is available to do the work before summer holidays if funding is found.


We welcome help from Subway and The Lost Spring. They join our sponsors as listed below. Without all of them, the bike park would not exist. It is a free to use park, and the sponsors funds are used to pay the ground rent to TCDC and the insurance premium. Help us by supporting them.

Whitianga Bike Park Trail Director
Bruce Chambers
ph 09-5245086
fax 09-5245076
mo 0274-944529


Ray White Real Estate-07 8662190
Rod Percival Builders Ltd-07 8662818
Bayleys Realty-07 8660098
Richardsons Real Estate-07 8662373
The Bike Man-07 8660745
Ground Effect Clothing-0800655733
The Lost Spring Pool & Spa-121A Cook Drive
Subway Whitianga-68D Albert Street
LFM Living for Music-88.4FM
New Zealand Pub Charity
Auckland Mountain Bike Club

14 August 2008

Trails in the Park.

Well they took a hammering with the storm but Noel and the PD team have removed the fallen trees and are going to tidy the rest of the trails this Friday,weather permitting.

But if you are riding them, they are wet and the Extreme ones are best not ridden!

Fieldmouse learner trails are all remetalled after the new drain covered everything in clay.

No news yet on BMX track, but we are working on it.

The Olympics.

Mark these dates and times, but might pay to check on day in case things have changed.

BMX Seeding race is on Wednesday 20 August at 1 pm on Xtra and TV1

BMX Final are on Thursday 21 August at 1 pm on TV1

Mountain Bike race is Thursday 21 August 7 pm TV1.

We saw MTB racing at Commonwealth Games but not BMX. BMX bikes are smaller than MTB bikes and the race is a lot harder than it looks.USA are keen to win and built a copy course in Texas of the Olympic course. The starting ramp is 3 stories high and the speed down the ramp will be 40mph [65kph] and at the bottom they rocket off a double ramp. This is big air if ever there was. Contact between bike in the air will happen. Experts say it will do for summer games what snow boarding did for Winter Olympics. Where as in cycling road races the cyclist roll out slowly, in BMX racing the gate at the front wheel drops and its away pedalling at up to 200 revolutions a minute. Most cyclist ride at 80 revs. As falls are expected, standard lyrca cycling shorts and shirts will probably give way to "grung" gear; strong semi baggy shorts and tops. Time alone will tell. Make sure your young watch it or tape it for them

Whitianga Bike Club;
16 Coghill St Whitianga Ph 07-8660745

Support our sponsors:
Rod Percival Builders 07 8662818
Bayleys Realty 07 8660098
Richardsons Real Estate 07 8662373
Subway Whitianga, Albert St
New Zealand Pub Charity
Auckland Mountain Bike Club
Ground Effect Clothing
The Bikeman 07 8660745
Ray White Real Estate 07 8662077

16 March 2008

Easter is this weekend so make sure you take your bike to the beach, or get it out of the shed if you live there and try out our trails. Here is how they are riding:

Fieldmouse: A drain has been dug across the trail to move treated water from the wastewater plant to the main drain. Be careful as you ride. You may have to push the bike over some of the construction ramps.
Quarry: Good condition but the dry weather prevents the water "ride through" being a ride through! Surface is great.

Park Lane: Is great from the far end across the quarry floor to the Home trail. Quarry is dry; or mostly anyway. This is the way out from Hi-Octane
Chicken: Through the trees is excellent on a hot day. Just cruisey

Tank: Leaves Chicken at the far end and is dry all the way back to Park Lane junction bridge via the Nikau valley. A cool spot in the heat. All the family can ride it in these conditions.

Summit Loop: Leaves Tank half way along and climbs to the top. Surface has packed down well although the Corrections team will do some maintenance on it again soon. The by-pass exit gives riders who are not as strong a way out, whilst the main trail down to the up trail still needs the berms finished.

But whilst at the top you have a choice of two other trails to descend on. Rattlesnake developed by some teenage members is over logs, jumps and sharp turns, it is a double black diamond class. And so is the now finished Hi-Octane trail to the end of Park Lane. Again a double black. It has some high speeds swings and berms, can be wet, but gives a great challenge. A great effort by the Corrections team.

Swinger: Leaves Summit Loop [ can be accessed on the return from the top via Summit Loop] and gives a great ride back to Tank and if you like you can cross Tank and enter Nuts & Bolts for a fast descent to Park Lane/Tank exit junction.

At the end of Park Lane you can head home on Orion's Belt with a good jump at the end, or on the Home trail back to Power Pole Bridge past Ground Effect Wash Station.[You may need this after Hi Octane!]
The Fun Zone is all go as are the air jumps on Fieldmouse
The BMX track is having material bought in to give a high take off hill. Although still beig constructed it is also getting ridden by many.

Trail Map
The current one is now out of date. Dennis Brown of www.homemade.co.nz did the last one, and is working on a new one now. He also maintains this web page. This is a highly rated page and you will find photos of the new trail construction as well. Have a look at what he does.

We have temporary signs on all trails pending funds to get proper ones made. We will be adopting the new national signage standard on our new signs. Colours remain the same but each level now has a high and low grading.

Don't forget that if you do not ride, or the kids do and you have to wait, then go for a walk on the Moewai bush walk. It starts at the entry gate and is marked.

After 2 years of overtures to the District Council, in September 2003, we received the go ahead to develop a bike park on land in Moewai Rd. Many at the inaugural meeting doubted it could be done, others said let's get going. In 4 years we have shown it can be done even though many who offered help at that meeting have not yet done so. What we have achieved is the development of more than 7 km of track, a fun park and in a few weeks the BMX track. Initially the trail cutting was by Committee Members, but more recently by a few of us with help from the Corrections Department. And what a wonderful help they have been. Some of the carrying in of timber for structures on the Summit Loop trail and digging and walling some parts was beyond the ability of many of our younger members even if they had volunteered.

They have now started to help and have developed a drop-line trail we have called Rattlesnake. It goes straight down the fall line from the summit. Also there is a big jump in the bush between Tank and Chicken made by them. We hope they can do another trail from the summit with berms etc to give a further choice of descent. Please let The Bikeman know if you can do this.

By the end of this week, the trail to the summit will be finished. The Summit Loop then continues on back down and this is cut but needs more spade work to shape the riding platform. Want to help? Let the Bike Man know at 07 8660745. This loop returns the rider to the top of Swinger trail, which in turn leads to Nuts and Bolts and to the bottom where Park Lane is.

We know that Fieldmouse trail has reeds on the edges that get into your gears. The plan is to mow this in the next few days so as to make it rideable for beginners. When time permits we will shape the big hills made from the digging of drain clearing so they can be ridden over, but that is not a priority at present.

The completion of the Summit Loop and it's by-pass, and the new descent, will end this years work programme. The two oldies who have been doing most of the work this summer; Bruce Chambers and Noel Hewlett will be able to take a rest. Current aim is to get as much done whilst it is fine.


On Saturday a digger will be on site to start shaping THE BMX TRACK. It has been providing lots of fun for riders but now we plan to make it bigger, incorporate in additional fill and in 4 weeks time when that has settled, cover it all with soil that will shape the hills. Safety fences will be placed around the container. There will be a fast lane and a slow lane in the first leg. There will be a tidying up of the site when the digger finishes, and the riders are asked to come and help. Bring a spade.

We Need Cash

We need to buy signage, nails, hire mowers etc and to do this need cash. Please send the $5 subscription in as soon as possible. If you want to make donation too, that would be great. If you want to know what we do with it, come and see for yourself. The walk in the bush is wonderful.


16 December 2007


Trail update.
We suggest you get a map from the Bike man in Coghill St or the Information Centre in Albert St.
The fun zone is in great shape. The young will have a lot of fun here. If you wish you can sit in the car and watch them. Fieldmouse is the area alongside the Moewai Rd. The sheep have grazed the grass. Many of the trails have been metalled, and all have been clearly marked. The jumps will provide a challenge. It is an excellent learners area.Both Quarry trail and Park Lane are good riding and offer an easy ride to those who want to experience riding in bush and tracks.There is no mud, and the water dip is nearly dry. Chicken which crosses the face of the quarry and on to the start of Tank is fun and dry. Tank itself has a few damp stops but all fern is cut back so you get a good ride. Up Tank you reach Summit. This has had some widening by a Correction Department team. It also has some embankments and jumps added by the younger riders. Summit has been the main focus lately. The PD team carried a considerable amount of timer up to the top ready for constructing trail walls. At these higher parts near the top the slopes are steep so that posts with board walls are needed to hold the spoil for the riding platform.The good thing is that there is only 50 metres to go and we are at the top. Some is steep and you may wish to push the bike up it.We hope the PD team on Friday December 12 will get some more of this done so that during the holidays it can be opened. At the top we have cleared trails in the trees and bush already so that you can rest and refresh there and look at the view. We have started to mark the trails down but more work is needed. There will be two; a fast and a slow. The fast links to the junction at the end of Park Lane with Tank and the slow returns to the Nikau Grove on Tank. These new trails are January/ February targets. Until we finish Summit to the top, ride it as far as Swinger and have a cruisey ride down through the bends and trees cross Tank and on to Nuts and Bolts and across Chicken to Park Lane. Back on Park Lane ride to the valley where it is a choice of Home trail around the cliff base or Orions Belt with at the end,it's jumps down the bank or leave it part way for Skylark with the the cliff face drop to rejoin Home and back to the Carpark. You will past the Ground Effect Bike wash but its is not needed except for a drink of water. What a lot of riding. What a lot of fun. But a waterproof trail map will help.

So bring your bike to the beach these holidays.

What else?
If the young want to ride and you do not, well within the bike park are the Moewai Bush walks. Clearly marked, starting from the same place as the bike trails, you can ramble over the hills whilst the bike rider explore their trails. You will meet them at times but generally the walk tracks are different and take you to some wonderful stands of kauri and other native trees. overhead at dawn or dusk, listen to the kakas, tuis and bell birds. Often drowned by the noise from the teenage riders shouts. A big sign at the gate shows you where to go. You can play a frizzbee golf or Boules too.

BMX News.

The current track is getting a lot of use but we will be making it better still. We asked parents to help. Not a single response!!! Matt Molijin has taken over this development and secured some planning help.Currently the plan is to enlarge the track and have a fast and slow start. The present heaps of spoil being used as roll overs will be moved with diggers and new material bought in.
When you ask, hopefullyin February so be ready to help!!

We attach a subscription notice which we would like you to send back. Also a donation if you so wish. We have to meet our operating costs such as rent to TCDC and insurance. These cost us about $900 per annum and we need help to meet them. Remember the bike park and the walking track are free for all to use. Major works rae part paid by Pub Charity grants. Valuable manpower help fro Corrections department PD workers. we hope you can help too.

Have a good holiday


Why bring your bike?
The strong winds forecast will prevent much boating. The surf has been poor and any way a thick wet suit is needed. The lawns have been cut. You cannot paint in weather below 12 oC or in windy weather. You therefore have some time.
And if there is rain who cares when you are on a bike. The mud will wash off at The Ground Effect Wash Station.
What has been happening?
On the learners Fieldmouse trails a lot. Department of Corrections teams have been raising the trails above the water line and covering with reclaimed road metal. This is making a big difference and will help learner riders to enjoy the ride. Most of the blackberry has gone so that it is getting park like. Kathy Sieling has helped here and the sheep keep it tidy. The air jumps are worn in and waiting for you.
The Fun Zone is in good order. The damaged boards have been repaired. The see saw is operating. It is getting lots of use.
The BMX track has consolidated but still needs lots of work with a digger. Users have made more jumps and also a ramp from the storage container at the start of the track. Fencing is being placed around the top of the container to make it safer.
Quarry trail where is passes the BMX track is realigned. Scratchy Lane has had much of the blackberry cleared by Noel Hewlet. It still gets soft in parts but so be it. Park Lane where it crosses the quarry floor is also soft but the logs support the rider even when covered with water. Tank trail will have some work on the junction with Summit. The timber for the supports has been put in place by the PD team. Also structures are needed for Summit trail as it gets near the top. Chicken, Orion's Belt, Nuts and Bolts,Home and Skylark are all clear. Some of the young have built some high level jumps in the bush. You will have to find them.
Helpers needed.
If you can help with the ramp building and levelling on Tank and Summit please ring telephone number at the top and Greg will advise you.
Donations needed.
The financial accounts for the club are available. Advise us if you would like a copy. We need cash to let us do more. A subscription notice will go to everyone in a week or so time, in hope you know. We have a donations box at the entrance to the park which is supported by visitors.
Looking ahead.
Completion of the BMX track rests with those involved. There was a work party planned but the weather packed up and little was done. Parents of the young riders will have to get this under way again, so it consolidates before the Christmas rush. The safety fencing on the container will be in place in a few days.
The junction of Tank and Summit will need a wooden wall to hold the fill and make it easy to negotiate. Further up Summit where Swinger branches off, also needs widening and boards to hold fill in place. The upper levels of Summit also need some ramping up a steep slope. Too steep to ride, a groove for the bike wheels and steps for the pusher will be built. Luckily it is only a short distance. The timber is on site ready.
Once at the top, and some clearing has been done here already, the two downhill trails will be started. One is a real descent!!! and takes the rider to the end of Park Lane. Very fast. The other winds down the bank to join Tank in the palm valley. These are some time away yet but can be started when the Summit trail is complete.
Night riding.
Fieldmouse trail has reflectors around it. Try a ride late in the day with lights on. It is great fun. A completely new experience.
Walking Tracks
Within the bike park are delightful walks through the bush. Generally they are seperate from the bike trails. There is a kauri grove well worth visiting. Full details are on the signs at the park entry, which is the same as the bike park. While the young ride why not visit these other restful places?
Carpe Diem


31 May 2007

Our Progress
We have been busy.
So busy in fact that the regular newsletters were put on the back burner. Today is catch up time.

The Bike Park

During the summer only light maintenance has been done. The workers have been elsewhere. Most of the tracks are in good shape but there is still work to do. The fallen trees have been removed but some trail surface needs to be logged so that it is all weather.

The committee have yet to give an OK to the plan but the aim at the moment is to complete the Summit trail as soon as possible so that there is access to the large resting area on the hilltop. This will take some cutting and shaping since it is climbing all the way. Then there will be two down trails. One will be a fast downhill to the end of Park Lane, the target market being the young at heart who need a big challenge. The other downhill will be more cruisey and exit at the top of the nikau fern valley on Tank trail.
If these ideas are to become a reality then we will need help to do it. For too long the work has been done by a few. It seem plenty of people have time for riding the trails but not cutting them.

The BMX Track

Thanks to Noel Hewlett some more spoil has been added to this site and this has meant more jumps and shaping has been possible. This track is being used a lot and the users have been adding their touches to it. Here the aim is to get even more spoil and also he use of a bucket to move the earth around into higher walls etc. The users here are the young but if it is to be extended then their parents are going to have to get involved in it. Any development needs supervision so come and help us complete the task

Additions to the Park

Under the guidance of Noel Hewlett, the walking tracks have been extended and now include a grove of kauris that are 300 years old. There are sign to show walkers where to go. There are other walks through this bush and a map is currently being printed.
Also in the park is the new FRIZZBE court and a VOLLEY BALL court and a PETANQUE court. This opens up a new use for the area. The young can go riding whilst parents and others can play one of these sports as they wait.

How can you help?

That is easy. Let the Bikeman at the above address know when you can work on the trails. We are planning digging parties later in June.
Send a cash donation to the club at the above address. We are always needing cash for materials.

How can you have some fun?

Visit the park. Bring walking shoes; or your mountain bike; or your BMX bike; or a frizbee; or a volley ball; or petanque balls and some mates.
Enjoy your visit.


23 November 2006 Newsletter

The Big Work Day

December 3 2006 Sunday at 8.30 at the park.

A lot of work is planned so the trails and tracks are in good order for the summer holiday period. We need you there. We will have groups working on the following, so you can choose which you want to do.

Fieldmouse trails. this group will break the concrete on site and then using trailers and 4 wheel drives move it around the trails. It will give the muddy parts a solid base. Then we will place road metal on all trails using the trailers etc to move it there. The berms around "air jumps" will also be reshaped. AND finally we will fix the reflectors on the posts and trees for night riding.

Another group will work on Scratchy Lane, Weta Junction and the Home and Quarry trails around the BMX track. Mainly moving road metal on to the trails to make them solid again.

A group will work on Home, Orion's Belt, and Quarry and Park Lane just shaping the riding platform using clay from the sides and cutting back some of the fern overgrowth.

If time permits, Chicken and Tank need platform shaping too, but road metal will only be placed on the soft parts as it has to be taken in using the wheel barrow.

A spade is what you need to bring, and your bike to try the trails that are fixed.

The BMX track is waiting for spoil on it and a bob cat to move it around. Easier than doing it ourselves.

Hope to see you there.

If you need questions asked or answered, telephone Greg at above number.


2 November 2006

BMX Park

On Saturday morning November 4 the container will be lifted by a crane and moved onto the site. The soft wet ground has meant that it had to sit on the side of the road in the carpark for some weeks. Early Saturday it will be placed on a truck and then when on site the crane will lift into position. This will let us store tools and materials in a safe place. If you are riding that morning come early and watch. We have also shaped some of the banks and humps but are expecting more materials shortly so that better shaping can be done. What is there is still being ridden.


Just as popular as ever. Riders especially the young are enjoying the challenge. Parents, instead of waiting in the car for the riders, try out the new walks through the bush. They are dry underfoot so special footwear is not required. It is sign posted along the tracks.


This is the easy riding located alongside the road. The jumps are finished and shortly will have the signage added. In fact there are plenty of trails in the area since the sheep have made some new ones. The area is dry now so good riding for beginners.


Crosses the bridge and then a second bridge [the one that was replaced after the flood] and then heads into the bush. The surface is settled in and a good ride. It meets

Park Lane

And goes to the end where you turn back and travel out over a boarded trail [logs]. It meets


But no one would want to stop when there is still Chicken and Tank and Orion’s Belt, and Summit and Swinger to ride before you head on Home trail.

If the bike is muddy, give it a clean at Ground Effect wash station.

More trails planned.

We are starting trail work in a week or two. We will let you know as we want them finished before Christmas.

Annual General Meeting

Do not forget 5.30 pm Thursday 16 November 2006. See you there at The Health Factory, Coghill St, Whitianga.


21 August 2006

Now here is a great idea.

On Saturday 20 August 2006 the Whitianga Scallop Festival is going to look after you but why not let the children have a festival at the Bike Park? They will enjoy an hour or two riding before heading back to town and meeting you there.


Whilst the park has not flooded this year, we have had trees down across the trails. These have now been cleared so all trails are open. Some are a bit muddy but so what. Fieldmouse has lambs in it so do not ride between them. Some are so new we saw them born last Saturday. Scratchy Lane is now well cut back on the sides which keeps the blackberry away from the legs. Where it meets Weta Junction drains have been opened so as to get the water away from the BMX site.

BMX Extreme Track

It is planned that the container will be on site in two weeks time. This will give a place where materials and tools can be stored and the soil and sand mix will be pushed up against the sides to give a starting platform an ramp for the riders. Some of the banks are shaped and the humps in the track are already being used. We need more fill and digger time to push it around. Fences will surround the top of the container where needed.

Fieldmouse Developments.

This is an important trail for the young and novice riders. Alongside Moewai Rd with the Fun Zone, Dirk and Kathy graze sheep on it to keep it tidy. They have offered to mow the regrowth of blackberry prior to spraying it. They will also spray some of the rushes that are close by the trails so the derailers do not get caught in the plant. We will keep some so you can ride through them. Much of the wetlands are not rideable so the digger they have will lift the trails above the slush by placing spoil on them and at the same time create some humps in parts where you can get a bit of air. should be completed by end of September.

Working Days

We plan to start these again. We need manpower to shape the BMX track and the container surrounds. we have started with a lake. However there will be some drains across the track etc.

Ground Effect Wash Stand.

Has really worked well not only for cleaning the bikes and shoes but giving the dogs a wash and drink as well.

Want to help us but no time to work on the site, then please seen $5 or $10 to the above address. Thankyou.

20 June 2006

That rain

The constant rain has made the trails in the park very soft , slippery and muddy. There have been no floods but those who have tried riding found it hard work. When it does stop, trails will be tidied up.

The Ground Effect Bike Wash

It is in weather like this you need it. It is fully operational. Try it when you are next there. If anyone has access to the single bike rack style used at schools and the like, please let us know. We would like to add one to the wash stand for the younger members who cannot lift their bikes up to the hooks on the bar above.

The BMX Extreme Track.

We have now received funding from Pub Charity that will let us proceed with this. The plan is to locate a storage container at the top end of the track and after placing sand/soil against it have a starting ramp for the ride. Parents have asked about this. Some have offered to help. If you can help with the planning, design and construction please leave you contact details with Greg or Tina at above address.

Trail Building Work Parties

Once the weather improves these can be looked at. The plan will be to produce a plan that shows each day what will be done and the gear required. It will let you plan you time too.

Donations and Subscriptions

We always need help here. Send it to the above address.

A Place in the Sun

If you decide to holiday at Noosa, there is good riding in the Forest Park there and bikes can be hired. You need a permit,$5 but there is a full mornings riding and some of it is hard.Contact [email protected] for details or www.bikeon.com.au



4 April 2006 Newsletter

Missed a copy?

Sorry we were too busy in March to get a message to you. In fact February too. So much to do and so little time to ride.

The trails

Most of the time in the last two months has been spent on maintenance. We have not had a working party on site this year but have had a team from the Corrections Department some weeks. As a result Quarry trail is now nearly road metalled the full length and some shaping has been done too. This takes away the banks at a funny angle that cause you to fall off.

The blackberry on Fieldmouse has been sprayed and Scratchy Lane is being done before Easter. By keeping it back from the trail it avoids punctures and scratches on your legs.

Work will start again on Summit trail to get it to the top. Subject to weather, there will be a 2 hour working party on Easter Monday at 8 am. Hope you can make it.

The BMX Extreme Track.

Despite not being finished this is getting a lot of use. Last weekend 8 bikes were on it and then they gave the trails a work out. We have plans to get more bulldozing done but have to raise the cash first. You can help us with cash.

Trail Maps

Still selling well . Get one from the Info Centre or the Bike Man.

Club Rides

Thursday evening and Saturday mornings. Telephone Garth Scott for details.07 867 1577 mob 021 874 923


Send $5 donation to the club 16 Coghill St Whitianga. Even though the park is free someone has to pay for development.

C4 TV.

If you can get this then watch on Thursday night at 10 pm for the American team on NZ trails. I agree they need their heads read.

Commonwealth Games

The mountain biking was great TV. Does anyone have a video of it we can borrow. Or do you have a friend in Australia who may have a copy since they showed the full event there on TV. Some classy riding. Our trails look too groomed!

Rides in the Area.

If all goes well, we hope to place on the web page other rides you can do in Mercury Bay and close by, with supporting photos. We will keep you posted on this.

Don't forget: Cash, working parties, get riding.


25 January 2006 Newsletter.

The New Year

Welcome to you all. Already the summer is well underway, and at Whitianga there has been a mixed assortment of weather. The fine spell that made the ground crack and the water tanks run dry came to an abrupt end in the last few days but at least the trails can now be dug as a few days ago the clay and rock were too hard. And there is water to ride through!

The Ground Effect Wash Station

This is in place and looks very smart. All the water pipes are laid, the concrete base and piping in place. Hopefully in the next few days the plumber will have connected the water feed to the main and it will be all go. Suggest you bring a brush as well as the kiwi fruit scraper mentioned last newsletter so you can really get rid of the mud.

The BMX extreme track.

More spoil has been added to the original. We now need a bobcat to move some of it around and finish the contours. Some have been riding what is there. During the next few weeks we are applying for funding to get more done.

Weed Control

Those of you who remember 16 months ago the piece of land we started off with are in for a surprise when they now visit. The blackberry and rushes are now kept cut, the trails through such plants are now rideable, walking track for parents of children who want something to do whilst the children ride, have now been marked with tack signs thanks to Noel Hewlett; a local councillor. Furthermore he is keeping the weeds under control and there are now seats place around the trails for those wanting to rest as they walk through the bush. The bike riders benefit from clear trails and planting to keep it attractive. Thanks Noel.

Night Riding

We are working on this. Just waiting for the reflective tape. You will enjoy this challenge. We will do Fieldmouse trail first as a trial.

Trail Maintenance

Now that the summer rush is over we plan to start working parties. Contact The Bikeman or Garth Scott 867 1577 for dates. All the trails need some attention. If you want to go up by yourself, take a spade and just shape the trails where you think it is needed. Thanks. Key parts are Park Lane, Tank, and Swinger. The young are riding both Swinger and Skylark.

Park Usage

We have not got a counter on the gate but are advised that visitors to the park in the past four weeks exceeds 1700 persons and most are visitors to Whitianga. They have rated our work to date highly. It is clearly a community asset.

Park Trail Maps

The new map of the trails is selling well. We will add the walking trails to it on the next printing so that the parents do not get lost and the non riding visitors can enjoy the bush too.

Did you know?

A recent issue of BICYCLING, a USA magazine it had an article about six sports writers from USA magazines who went riding with the President on his ranch. They called him POTUS in the article. POTUS has a bike in Airforce One [A TREK given to him by Lance Armstrong] so when he travels he rides his bike on a trainer in the planes' gym! During the ride POTUS and the others had two secret service in a vehicles behind, at least 2 spare bikes in a following pickup, and they rode past towers on the ranch manned with military. POTUS is so fit he out rode some of the sports editors. Now if he can do it maybe you should give it a try.

Your Committee

If you have an idea, or want to do some work in the park contact a committee member.

Garth Scott 867 1577 mo 021 874 923; Tina and Greg Clark- 866 0745 mo 021 115 2557 Benson Lockhart 866 5555;
Dene Perry 867 1766 mo o27 226 6289; LIsa Abrahamson 866 2631


Yes we are always needing cash to buy the timber, nails signs etc. So send a subscription or donation and we will send you a supporters sticker.




Yes it is summer time again. That time of year when after a mad pre-Christmas rush we can sit back and relax. If you want a little peace and quiet at the beach then send the children to the bike park for a couple of hours. It is easy access from Whitianga along the concrete cycle way and even those from the Ferry Landing side can jump the ferry and ride to the park.

What better way for you to get back into shape after the Christmas Day excesses, so join the children yourself. You will enjoy it.


Working parties lead by Greg the Bikeman and the Club Chairman Garth Scott have made big improvements to Fieldmouse trail. The surface which had soft mud has been metalled and boarded, the jumps and berms tidied up and the blackberry cut from beside the trails. The trails have had weed spray on them to kill the remaining blackberry and reeds so they are good riding.

Scratchy Lane has also been sprayed and metalled with board and mesh underlay.

Weta Junction is now most attractive. TCDC Councillor a big supporter of the club has done more clearing of the rubbish and blackberry, and rumour has it some seats are planned.

AND MOST OF ALL THE BMX TRACK HAS STARTED. With help from TCDC and other contractors the area has been swept clear of the rubbish and heaps of spoil placed there. There is a starting ramp, followed by three humps, a berm and more humps to finish near the start. Once funds and time permit, more work will be done. There is spoil on site yet to move into position but once the surface settles it will provide fun.

The see saws in the Fun Zone are finished. Some more elevated rides are planned but subject to funding.

Regular riders will recall how the Park Lane trail when it crosses the quarry floor became soft mud in wet weather: so soft the mud got into the derailer wheel. A big effort by Greg the Bikeman has resulted in the floor being logged and nettinged. It will still flood but you can ride through water and not sink and break gear. It is planned to reshape the part of Quarry trail beside the golf club land so it is not as soft in wet weather.


Towards the end of December, the wash station for muddy bikes should be in place beside Power Pole Bridge on Quarry and Home trails. This facility is possible because of the Ground Effect Slush Fund who are meeting the cost of it. We greatly appreciate their help. By the way is you want to see some good gear go to the web page www.groundeffect.co.nz. Well worth a visit. Coromandel clay does stick so this will be most useful and mean that those who travel by car to the park, will not make the boot full of mud. By the way, a good thing to keep in your hydration back pack is one of the spoons you get with gold kiwi fruit. Ideal for scrapping mud from the bike parts when on a trail and quite strong too.


In the latest edition of the NZ Mountain Bike Rides (available from Ground Effect) the Kennetts thought the park lent itself to night riding. Such riding is very popular in Auckland, Rotorua and Taupo to name a few. In the next few weeks we will have reflectors on the side of some of the safer trails for those who work during the day and want to try this challenge.


The bike park will feature in the latest Whitianga fun map. In future, you may meet new folk from around the world as you ride. Say hello and make them welcome. That is the good thing about MTBing and BMXing: you do tend to say hello to others you meet, no matter what the age difference is. Of course sometimes it is just to have a rest too!

You may have seen our posters around the information offices on the Penninsula and various bike shops. We will have to replace a few on notice boards as they were souvenired. If you want a printed one let us know.


Yes we would like you to join by sending $20 to the Bike Club, 19 Coghill St Whitianga. We can only make progress by having subs and donations. All members and donors will get a "Supporters" sticker for car or bike or whatever. Thank you for your help.

Remember our main supporters on this newsletter when you need their type of service.


Now that the lower level trails are repaired and improved, we will again look at the new and higher trails on the hill. Work still has to be done on Swinger. Summit needs to be extended to the tip of the hill. If you have some time then let the Bikeman know and he will tell you what is under action. Skylark has settled in but needs a bit of shaping.

We have a funding application in for timber to build platforms on the hill so Summit trail can climb further. The banks are steep. Extensions to the BMX track will be in the New Year. Most track work will be in February and March when the clay/rock is not so hard.

That's all for now. Have a good Christmas, New Year and holiday. Get riding and get some fun Our park sign says it all "Carpe Diem"

27 October 2005.
When it gets wet in the Coromandel it is really wet
The very heavy rain a few days ago made the trails so wet they became unrideable. Quarry and Park Lane trails which both cross over the quarry floor had deep mud and nearly 200 mm of water as well. Scratchy Lane had deep mud and so did parts of Fieldmouse. But the sun is back and soon it will be all dried up again.
New jumps in Fieldmouse
As you drive along Moewai Rd, you can now see these new jumps and a fast berm on the bank over the fence. More jumps are planned and there may also be a small switchback for the younger riders. This whole area is now clear of blackberry thanks to Greg the Bikeman and the scrubbar
Gates on the bridges
When sheep are in Fieldmouse [keeping the grass under control] there are gates on the bridges.  You can lift a bike over them. When the stock are not there, they are are pulled out of the slots and placed on the side of the bank.
Bike wash planned.
An application has been lodged with the Council to allow a bike frame to be erected over a concrete slab. A water supply is planned too. The front wheel of the bike is placed in the hanger on the frame and the mud can then be washed off the frame and wheels. We will let you know if the application is successful.
Tauranga Mountain Bike Club.
Sorry the web site given last month did not link. This club has a problem in that there is no one wanting to run it [we are told,] and therefor the web site is not operating either. Not sure who will keep the trails open.
Skylark Trail [Grade black]
This is now finished. The surface still needs to settle though. It is steep like Nuts and Bolts so only advanced riders should try it.
Swinger Trail [Grade blue]
This is also operational. Still a little grooming to do but give it a try. Get to it via Tank trail and then Summit trail
Landscaping of area.
TCDC Councillor Noel Hewlett has been a great supporter of the club. Not only has he cleared much land of grass and blackberry, but he has also planted the sides of the trails at Weta Junction with palms. Thanks Noel.  The committee is looking into planting some of the wet area in Fieldmouse to create a wetlands reserve. The trails would pass around it on raised surfaces.
Saturday 29 October        K2 Race starts at Whitianga.
Sunday 30 October           Club open day at bike park
Monday 1 November        Committee meets at 5.30 pm at Bikeman
Sunday 13 November    Working party at bike park on building the switchback and trail maintenance. Young and old are needed. Also hope to                                         put bark beneath the Fun Zone frames.
Sunday 27 November    Club ride planned to out of area park. Check with Bikeman for details, or Garth Scott 867 1577
Looking ahead.
Committee are checking out costs for building new structure up on the higher trails. There will need to be some frames of treated timber and bolts. An application will then be lodged for funding.
The application for funding the container to store tools and gear is now proceeding. We had to get new prices to support the budget.
The committee are also planning to clear the area of land set aside for the BMX track. Hopefully we have access to a bulldozer and some spoil so that until plans are available, BMX riders will have some heaps to ride over.
Do not forget your subs.  We need the money to build more trails etc. Sub form on web page, or use one attached to last newsletter.
Dennis Brown is back in town.  He went to Queenstown to work, or so he says. Any way the web page is up to date now thanks Dennis.  Also call in to Bikeman and see some the the riders on the Fun Zone and trails. They are too big to put on the web.  They are getting a lot of use. Only last weekend a family travelled from Thames to the park having read about it in the press. The noise from the young showed they had a good time.
If you have some ideas for the Club tell the committee [The Bikeman]. By the way he has a DVD of some young riders on bikes and skate boards, and also some cycling magazines you can borrow.

4 October 2005
Club Annual General Meeting.
We have a new committee. Chairman- Garth Scott; Secretary/Treasurer - Tina Clark Ph 866 0745; Committee- Benson Lockhart; Dene Perry; Lisa Abrahamson; Greg Clark. The meeting welcomed the new committee and thanked the past committee members for their support and help. Work commitments and change of work location meant some could not stand for re-election. If you have ideas or want to discuss any bike park matter then please telephone them.
The new committee have met and things are moving forward weather permitting.
In future these will be held on 2 nd Sunday of each month at 9 am.  There is a working bee this weekend 9 October. We need help at these working bees and there will be some refreshments etc. The work this weekend is to build the jumps in Fieldmouse. Three are planned. They are mainly for the young so lets get some teenagers and others there working on them. Spades and shovels are needed and wheel barrows can be used too. If time permits the trails in the bush will be cleared of herbage since over the winter they have overgrown a bit.
AND keep 13 November 2005 free for the next one!
Fieldmouse and the Fun Zone
These are both learners areas. The trails are going to be lifted above the swamp that surrounds them in the winter, and covered with more fibre and surface metal. Fibre will also be placed around the Fun Zone so as to give a softer landing if you fall off. In addition the committee is looking at the creation of a wetland area around which the raised trail will be built. Cost is an issue but it would enhance the area from all perspectives. Greg has cleared most of the blackberry on the hill ready for the jumps etc. with the scrub bar.
Trail Design
Ground Effect (www.groundeffect.co.nz) from Christchurch who make good MTB gear, provided funding for the scrub bar used to clear the rushes, grass and blackberry, and they have now provided two manuals from the International Mountain Biking Association based in USA. These books show the best way to shape and design trails. In fact some of the USA trails are mind blowing. The good thing is that our designs are right up with the play including signage and the international grading system. As we get into the higher slopes, the ideas in these books will be most helpful.
Club Rides and Events
On the last Sunday of each month a club ride or event is planned. The first one (October) will be an open day at the park where you can ride with others. Keep the date free, and to get details of what is happening on other dates telephone one of the committee at the numbers given above.
Trail map
This is being updated and there will be a change in the design too. So many new trails make the current one out of date. We will let you know when it is ready. By the way, ours is a copy in concept of Tauranga MTB Club at Oropi Rd, near Tauranga. They have just prepared a new map and their park is worth a visit. (www.taurangamtb.co.nz) It is much bigger than ours and offers great riding.
Freeride Track
This is planned on the site held for BMX. Costs will delay the BMX track,  where as some materials are available that will let the FreeRide proceed. As planning moves forward we will keep you informed.
Moewai Rd
The land between the road and the new fence beside Fieldmouse is to be kept clean of blackberry etc by the club so that riders can use it as a rough ride area as they travel to the park. It will be safer than using the road too.
Summit trail
This development is slowly proceeding. Winter weather slowed it down and other trail commitments did too. By the end of the year we should be at the top and reasonably shaped. The more advanced trails such as this one, do not have the same surface shaping as those for novice riders as they are meant to be harder. There will be two high speed descents from the top.
Swinger trail
This leads off Summit trail and is nearly finished. It is an advanced trail which crosses Tank and join Nuts and Bolts trail. Only shaping has to be done. Improving access to it by more shaping on Summit will make this a popular ride.
Thanks to Plan and Print and Pacific Laminations, this is now in the information i-sites and bike shops and already attracting riders. Say hello to other riders when in the park. Many you will find are from overseas.

22 August 2005
What's been happening?
Well not a lot. The region has had a lot of rain lately and Coromandel clay is very puggy. Other sports have taken some of the time that the trail builders usually give us, so progress is slow.
Tools and Equipment.
Now that the club financial reports are finished we can proceed with the application for funding to let us buy a container to keep tools in. It will also store supporting gear like BQ and tables and chairs. The scrub bar which Ground Effect helped us buy, the chain saw from a supporter, wheelbarrows and other tools are all stored off site and therefore a vehicle is needed each time we want to work. Once on site a key is all that is needed so we can bike to work!!  By the way if you have some old spades,  rakes, grubbers and the like, we can always use them.
Fun Zone.
This challenge is most successful. We hope to keep the grass low as at present. Sheep and mowers are currently used. The final see-saw will be finished during the next month.
Fieldmouse and sheep and lambs
To control the grass on this trail sheep are on site a few days each month. As they have lambs please do not disturb them or we will have miss mothering. A small barrier over the bridges is in place but we are looking into something better so you do not have to lift your bike over it. There is still some work to do on the trail which the cows damaged and the flood covered, but it will dry out soon. We plan to board the three stretches that get very wet and soft. There are suggestions that the centre which has the drains may be developed as a wetland so that the trails would travel through it. The new fence from TCDC keeps control of stock, but do not forget to shut and chain the gates.
Bike wash facility
This is a matter that we will look into. The trails PARK LANE across the quarry floor, and FIELDMOUSE wet areas are so soft and wet that the rear de-railerer clogs up with mud and stops working. Also the arch between the seat stays where the wheel rolls through get clogged too and makes riding hard.  We will look into a frame to hang the bike from and a water supply and hose to clean the mud off.
BMX Track
At the coming Annual General Meeting this will be discussed in full. Currently we are exploring getting a large quantity of fill on site to make the rollovers and starting ramp. This operation will need a committee to control it. We have some design plans but there is still research to be done. You will have to come to the AGM to find out about it.
Some AIR
When the materials arrive for the BMX track we will get some heaps place on the land near WETA JUNCTION so that those who so wish can have a fast descent and leap from one hill to the next.
It is getting like a park.
Noel Hewlett who gave us great help in the last year, has spent much time clearing the blackberry and rubbish on the side of some trails and all around WETA JUNCTION. The native trees now look fine and the park really has an improved image. By the way, when riding keep an eye open for walkers. Whilst they have their own tracks, they do sometimes like to share ours, and who can blame them wanting to walk through our bush trails.
The design of the poster is finished. We thank Gabb of Auckland Mountain Bike fame for help on this. Currently it is being printed and sealed. It will then go into shops, bed and breakfast, bike shops, information offices etc. Keep looking for it.
We are finalizing details for this. Just the time and place. We will be looking for young and old to serve on the committee so give it some thought. A notice will be emailed to all members soon and those who get it by mail will get it too.
Trail spraying
This will be done in the next few weeks to control spring growth. Whilst spraying the trail will be closed but opened as soon as it is completed.
If you have an accident on the trails, please tell us about it or tell THE BIKEMAN in Coghill St. It is a way of monitoring our health and safety plan.

1 June 2005
The Trails
After the flood we are glad to advise that Fieldmouse trail is again fully rideable. All bridges are back in place and the trails are currently being resurfaced with bark and road metal.
Tank trail has compacted well and needs only a little work on it to bring it back to standard.
Work continues slowly on Summit trail. It is gradually moving up the hill and even then will need shaping to make it rideable. The current effort is to get the basic formation done until the top of the hill is reached. This trail will also then have a downhill return and a switch back return, you take your pick. It will also provide access to the forest once we have negotiated access rights.
Nuts and Bolts is also needing clearing and shaping by volunteers, to get rideable.
There will be a track forming working party on
Sunday 5 June 2005 at 10 am
All we need is you and a spade but bring a wheelbarrow if you have one.
The work is forming the riding platforms on Tank,  & Summit and spreading bark around the Fun Zone
Hope to see you there.
Ray White Real Estate Whitianga
Rod Percival Builders Ltd Whitianga
Bayleys Realty Whitianga
Richardsons Real Estate Whitianga

New Zealand Pub Charity
Auckland Mountain Bike Club

14 JULY 2005
During the last month, progress has been slow. Partly because of wet weather, partly because of little help from members and friends and partly because of other issues needing attention.
During the summer months there were a few cattle grazing FIELDMOUSE trail and keeping the grass under control. Due to a misunderstanding a large number of cows overnighted there in June and the ground was already very wet and soft. The cows followed the bike trails and they became unrideable. Currently as the ground dries out the surface is being levelled again but it is slow. For this reason it has been shut but will open as soon as possible. The Thames Coromandel District Council have replaced the fences on the road and drain and this will let us have sheep there when ground is firm. We need two gates though.
The FUN ZONE is a great success and is in use by all age groups. Parents have joined their family members to try them out and some of the harder platforms are now being used. We plan to keep the grass mown around the structures. The roll over on FIELDMOUSE is also a challenge for the younger riders, although the parents have been giving it a miss. When this trail reopens it will again see riders on it.
The blackberry around FIELDMOUSE and SCRATCHY LANE is being sprayed and as soon as weather permits all the trails will be sprayed with weed killer.
Where PARK LANE crosses the quarry floor there has been deep water. Great fun. The same water also covers part of QUARRY trail but it is all still rideable and good fun.
TANK has been signed. You enter it from the far end of CHICKEN. A bit soft in parts and a bit of clearing on sides needed but is getting plenty of use by the better riders. Working parties hopefully will fix it.
NUTS AND BOLTS has also had signage added as well as "extreme xxx" signs. It is fully operational. Where is crosses CHICKEN a give way sign has been placed. Riders on CHICKEN please observe this warning as riders coming down the hill on NUTS AND BOLTS may be travelling fast. This trail enters part way along TANK.
The SUMMIT trail has been cut to the top but needs a lot of working party help to finish. It leaves TANK half way along. At this stage only a small portion is rideable. However SWINGER which leaves SUMMIT trail is cut and being shaped. It swings down the slope crosses/meets TANK and if you wish can go onto NUTS AND BOLTS giving a fast cruisey ride which will make the adrenaline rush.
Yes we always need help to work on the trails, so come along even for an hour on Sunday at 10 am and bring a spade and your bike.
Also does anyone have a 15 litre back sprayer, plastic container model, which they have no use for. We need one to keep for weed killer spray. If you have one please get it to The BIKE MAN in Coghill St.
The Annual General Meeting of Members will be held shortly and you will get notification of it.
The Whitianga Scallop Festival is on August 20. This will be a fun time and we are looking to see if there is interest in the club to having an event then. It may be a night ride under torches/bike lights, or a Saturday afternoon race or similar. If you think it is a good idea and want to enter, let THE BIKEMAN know and we will see if we can.

20 MAY 2005
Heavy rain has affected the park. Both Power Pole Bridge and Three Trees Bridge had a metre of water over them but have suffered no damage. Fieldmouse trail is closed since the low bridges have floated off the supports and also the approaches have washed away in two locations. These are being put back may may take a few days yet. Some of the trail building timber alongside the stream at Power Pole Bridge has washed into the stream causing a log jam. Hopefully it will be cleared before more rain. It will take some days for fieldmouse to drain.
The "ride through the stream" on Quarry needs clearing as it is full of rubble from up stream.  The quarry floor where Quarry Trail goes around the edge by the golf course is very very wet, and Park Lane across the quarry floor is a young riders delight, even if mothers do not agree. The rain has consolidated the new Tank Trail and it will give good riding when it has dried out. As most trails are now very wet, the degree of difficulty as shown on the sign will prove to be correct so please ride safely.
This skill riding park is now finished. It will provide great challenges to all riders, but learn to ride the low levels before the higher ones. Being just inside the entry gate, Mum or Dad can sit in the car with newspaper whilst the young try it out.
Please always replace the chain over the gate bars. Although the gate has springs to close it, in windy weather they are often not enough.  Cows are being placed in Fieldmouse once it is dry enough, and later there will be sheep.
We plan to shut the park for a few days when the blackberry is sprayed.  Signs will be at the gate.

6 APRIL 2005.
Tank trail is now open. It rides from the end of Chicken instead of doing the drop on to Park Lane. There is still some shaping and road metal needed but the soft ground will pack down with riding and then we can finish it. You have to push a couple of the slopes unless you are young, but they are not far.
We have the funding from Pub Charity so can now get on with this. The plan is to clear the land during weekend of April 16 and 17, and then have the post rammed in during the following week, followed by construction of the ramps on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 April. We need builders, home handymen, people to move bark and soil etc. Let the Bikeman know if you can be there.
We have the funding to proceed on building these. Plan is to do it April 16./17.  Come and help.
Now that Tank is finished, we can start on Skylark which is off Orion's Belt and very steepnd fairly short too, but will be a challenge. It is part done, but needs a platform and the jump. Also the link where we had planned Give it a Go, but will now call it a new name. It is also a short drop off, so needs some bridging support. A start has been made to Summit trail. It zig zags on a route up from Tank and guess where it goes. We will clear at the top so that you can sit and look at the view. There will be at least two trails down to the lower levels. All these will be started during May when other work is completed.
TCDC have arranged to spray their blackberry later this month and then Dirk the farmer will graze it hard to keep the grass in check.  We have sprayed all trails for weeds and grass. TCDC are fencing Fieldmouse so that it is stock proof.
Have you paid yours? Forms etc at Bikeman, or on web page www.whitiangabikeclub.co.nz

21 March 2005

The bike park has proven to be a great success over the summer. During the holidays it had visitors every day and even in the last few weeks there have been riders on the trails either in the day time or the evenings.
Club members have been riding rather than cutting new trails but we now will work on expanding the network.
Tank Trail
Greg the Bikeman has been hard at work with some of the committee, cutting this new trail. It is now cut and shaped from the end of Park Lane to the junction with Chicken and Quarry [by the stream ride-through.] This is a trail that will need more skills than some of the others, but once finished it will provide access by way of a trail from it to the summit of the hill. Tank trail offers great views and a wonderful ride under the ferns and Nikau palms in a valley.
Working Party
We want to finish Tank Trail so ask you to come to a working party over Easter. If you have some time on any day, telephone Greg on 07.866 0745 or 021.1152557 and he will let you know the places help is needed. The main work is to widen the trail riding platform, and clear some of the plants along the sides so your shoulders and handlebars do not hit the plants. Tools needed are spades, shovels, picks, grubbers, etc.
For those who want lighter work, there is wood fibre to wheelbarrow on to the existing trails, mainly Home and Scratchy Lane. We have a wheelbarrow on site, and also buckets.
Bring your friends to help too. And bring your bike for a ride after the effort.
We have in the past acknowledged the donation from Ground Effect Clothing of funds to enable us to buy a scrub bar to deal with blackberry and rushes, and the cash donation from Councillor Noel Hewlett and also from Andrew Smith. Now Robert Spencer who has helped on track building even though he is a visitor, has donated a small chain saw and supporting equipment that will assist us in track building. In the past people attending work parties bought such gear and this limited the amount of work that could often be done. Greg will look after it as he does the scrub bar.
Other Developments
We have lodged funding applications for the purchase of a waterproof container to store tools and equipment in.  There is also a funding application for the timber needed to build the Fun Zone for development of skill riding.
Thames Coromandel District Council will be spraying the blackberry in Fieldmouse next month and the farmer who grazes the land for us will then mow it, once the blackberry has died and stock it with sheep to keep the grass down. Long grass is a fire risk.
Noel Hewlett has cut some walking tracks on the perimeter of the site so that whilst the young ride bikes, parents etc can walk through the bush.
We do need more members. The Bikeman will accept your subscriptions when you are in town. Our only income is subscriptions, donations and grants, and trail building does cost money.  Please support us.
Good riding

24 February 2005
Usage of the trails since it opened in December is in the hundreds of visitors. Clearly the riders are having a lot of fun if you look where they have been riding.
A compact tool kit with screwdrivers and Allen keys has been found on the trails. Describe to the Bikeman if you wish to claim it.
There was a working party in January one night after work and the ferns and grass etc were cut back. Also the riding surfaces were fixed where the heavy use had caused damage.
As stated above we need to do more. We also plan to widen a small bridge in Fieldmouse to make riding easier for the young and not so young.
The new Tank trail is going well. It need more digging and some ferns cut, but once finished it will be a great ride. Hope you can help to finish it. There are plans to cut two more trails from Tank trail. These will take riders to the summit of the ridge. Another trail planned takes riders to a grove of kauri.
We have been asked if walkers can use the park too. It has to be looked in to but as long as they have separate  trails it should not be a problem. Parents can go walking whilst the young ride elsewhere in the park
Signage at entrance.
These were knocked down by the cows.  They are fixed and will be in place in a day or two.
Fun Zone, jumps and storage container.
We have funding applications in for these, and will do them once the cash is available.
BMX or Extreme track?
If you would like to have input on these, leave your thoughts on a sheet of paper with The Bikeman. In a month or two we will be researching these.
Have you joined and paid a subscription?  We need members and cash. Without both there will be no further development.
Go Riding Now.  Have fun.

4 February 2005

The schools may be opened again but the visitors to the park continue. There are many tourists and others passing through at this time of year and they are enjoying the opportunities the park provides. Those of you who have been on the trails lately will see how the grass is now dead on all the well ridden areas.
The wasps at Camel Humps have been killed and the nest filled in. It was a large one.
The work party in January late in the day was attended by some, but I think if I had given the correct month of January in the notice more would have been there. No after-work trail cutting groups are planned in February but see later on what is planned.
Fun Zone
This is to be some elevated ramps and jumps located inside the entry gate. They will be between 300mm and 900 mm off the ground, some straight some with bends and even a see saw. We will start it when funding is received. Target date is late March.
In late February these will be constructed in Fieldmouse trail. Materials are there but to date there has been no time to do it. Two are planned.
Skylark trail
This is off Orion's Belt and links to Home.  It will be a very sharp descent with a jump half way down. It will be finished later this month. Main work is with a chain saw, and then spades.
Greg the Bikeman has made great progress on this. In November we cut the line, and since then Greg has been there clearing the line and spading the riding platform. There are some wooden walkways to make  where he has been . It is halfway so a few volunteer parties will really move it on. Need chainsaws etc to progress it in parts.
Trail cutting work parties
These are planned for each Sunday morning at 10 am until 1230 pm. Bring spades, axe, slasher, wheelbarrow etc and give a hand. As you can see we want to complete Skylark and Tank as soon as possible. If you cannot make it on a Sunday, then let Greg know when you can and there will be plenty for you to do.  Bring a friend too.
There are plans for some higher level trails but we will not be looking at these until current program is complete.
We are hoping to place a water tight container on site to store gear in. Location is inside the entry gate.

15 December 2004

This newsletter goes to all our members and supporters.
The Official Opening.
On Sunday 12 December 2004, Thames Coromandel District Councillor, Mr Noel Hewlett officially opened the park. The day was sunny although the wind kept the flags flying. There was a good crowd present of all ages. Being part of the Pohutukawa Festival in the Coromandel, the event had received great publicity both in the press and on the radio stations.
Bruce Chambers spoke about the issues involved in establishing the park, since many in the community and on the Council did not have any idea as to what was intended. He spoke of the considerable help given by local businesses and people, Whitianga Sawmill for truck loads of wood fibre, Whitianga Excavators for digger use, Department of Corrections for labour, Ground Effects for suppling funding for the scrub bar,Rangihau Ranch for gear supply, Dirk Seiling, Don Scobie for cutting blackberry and grass, and many others. They helped make the park a reality. He added that there were plans to carry on with more trails and challenges.
Noel Hewlett then spoke and said what a great asset the park would be in the community. Furthermore it would encourage the Council to look at ways of developing other Council land in the area for walking, botany etc. In declaring the park open, Noel Hewlett presented a cheque for $1000 to the club to help with the future developments. A very generous and unexpected donation since right from the start of the plans Noel had supported the club
Following the opening a series of races were held for the different age groups. Whilst a 5 year old became shy on the start line the other 40 or more had a great time.  All received a certificate with their time together with a bag of goodies to take home.  Again we thank the cycle distributors for this help. Some walked the trails to see what it was all about and some of them may yet return to try them out.
Trail Development
It was a rush to get them finished or nearly finished before the big day. Dirk arrived with tractor and dealt with the long grass at the entry. Another member moved the entrance to the new site. PD workers spread wood fibre and road metal, and members completed the boarding of the swamp and nailing netting to them before placing the fibre on site. Quite a rush be it was done. The scrub bar worked overtime.
Over the summer holidays we plan to work on Tank trail so if you want to help, give Greg the Bikeman a call and he will advise you.
Fun Park Development
A funding application for the timber has been lodged and this cannot proceed until the results are known
All trails are marked. Many of these trails carry the sponsors logos since trail signs were sponsored by Cycle Tech NZ Ltd and entry signs by Giant Bikes. Two large park signs at the entrance are in place. These explain the park and the health and safety issues when in it.
A large Trail Sign is at the start of the trails and it grades all trails. It also acknowledges those who helped the development, and our new financial supporters, Rod Percival Builders, Ray White Real Estate, and Bayleys Real Estate. We are grateful of their support, which will keep us moving forward.
During the holiday period we may try and have some races for all levels of riders late in the day.[5.pm?] Keep in touch with the Bikeman for details or listen to the local radio stations. All you will need are your bike, helmet footwear and strong legs.
Whitianga Bike Club, 16 Coghill St Whitianga. Phone 07 866 0745