Whitianga Bike Park

Whitianga Bike Club, 16 Coghill Street, Whitianga, 07 866 5115
[email protected]

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The opening was held on Sunday 12 December 2004. The weather was good, the trails were in great condition and everyone enjoyed the day.

After the official opening by Noel Hewlett there were junior races for anyone who was interested. Thanks to some generous sponsorship all participants won a prize.

The trails were then open for anyone to walk or ride on.

It was great to see so many people of all ages watching, supporting and having a go.

Clinton Jackson, World single-speed champion, gave the trails the thumbs-up before everyone was let loose on them.

The trails vary in difficulty and there is something to please riders of any ability.

The novice and intermediate trails have alternative routes where the going gets a bit tricky (or wet).