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APRIL 2017  Newsletter 93

Like the rest of Coromandel the bike park did get a considerable amount of rain. Most of the trails suffered wash out but this has been tidied up,  except for Field Mouse trails which were under water for some days and are very soft. It remains closed. Some of the steeper trails up the hill are still very wet and the steep climbs are even hard to push a bike up.
We have kept riders informed of conditions on our Facebook page. We closed the complete park on two occasions when the trails were not rideable.  The area around the BMX start and picnic spot and Whitianga Garden Club and is nearly dry after a few days of sunshine.


The gates between Scratchy Lane trail and the Field Mouse area are being made bigger to stop young lambs going under them and they will have new latches. There will be new bridges in Field Mouse as soon as we can raise the funds to pay for them. The same also applies to a new bridge at the Hub alongside the stream ride through .Many trails start and finish here.
That stream follows the Tank trail exit and a walking track under the Nikaus  that line the valley. Recently the walking track has been separated from the riding trail so this will make it much safer there. The trail is Tank and downhill so riders are travelling fast here.
The Swinger trail has had a lot of attention by some club members and this will improve it considerably. Give it a try when next there. It starts from Summit Loop trail and finishes on Tank trail. Here you take your pick there. Go left on Tank back to the Hub or go right to Nuts and Bolts trail across Chicken to Park Lane and back to the Hub.
With help from Matt Kurth and Caleb Jennings we are redesigning some of the trails so that they can be loop trails rather than out to some others before coming back. This will give a longer continuous ride.  The main redesign will be at the turn points on to other trails. The basic trails can still be ridden as at present but the changes will let them link with another.


We continue to experience a growth in visitors and this was made even better when 180 children from Kristen School spent 3 days with us. Some of them had never been on a bike before and their instructors were patient so all had a good time and were at least riding at the end of the lessons. Thank goodness Field Mouse trail was open and in good order then.


Time constraints has meant that no progress other than getting some ready for placement. The SH 25 road sign and the Moewai Rd  however are in place and a help to visitors.


Thames Mountain Bike Club trails north of the town are a bit soft but still ride able so this provides an alternative riding location. Look for the Sign posted opposite A & G Price. (Facebook Thames MTB Club)

Whangamata trails from SH 25  north of the town are open but don’t forget to get a licence from the Info Centre in town. Maps are available together with more info on (www.Whangamata Ridges Mountain Bike Park) This park is in a forest with grades 1-5. There is hours of riding here.

The Hauraki Rail trail is all weather and generally flat. There are places where you can join it at Thames, Kopu, the side road opposite where SH 25A ends at Kopu and joins SH 26 heading further south. The new section on the Miranda to Kopu is ride able in part as it is beside the Miranda Coast road. It will be open as soon as the approaches to the new Piproa Bridge are completed. The Bridge clip-ons is in place ready to ride.

Whitianga Bike Club have a booklet on all the Mercury Bay Bike Rides. Now $2 form The Bike Man in Coghill St or Whitianga Information Centre or send us an email and we will post you one.

Remember you can find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/WhitangaBikeClub

Have fun. 

Whitianga Bike Park Trail Director
Bruce Chambers
Phone: 09 5245086
Fax: 09 5245076
Mobile: 027 4944529
Email: brucechambers@clear.net.nz

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