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Whitianga Bike Club, 16 Coghill Street, Whitianga, 07 866 5115
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For a Trail Map please click the link above or here PDF Trails Map

Visitors to Whitianga we suggest you print this off prior to your visit

Whether you are there for mountain biking, BMX riding, or walking there are trails to explore.  Close by is a BBQ, toilet, and drinking fountain. A frisbee court is alongside.

To help you enjoy your stay, get a copy of the Whitianga Bike Club trail guide (in a waterproof bag) which has details on the bike park trails, skill zone and BMX track and six other rides in the area.

It is available from the Whitianga Information office in Albert St, or The Bikeman in Coghill Street or post free by sending $4 to the club at 16 Coghill St Whitianga 3510.

Some of the rides are half day and others a full day.

A free-to-ride public park in Moewai Road Whitianga.

Travelling from Tairua a sign welcomes you to Whitianga. Beyond that are crossroads with Moewai Rd on the left. Further along as you pass the airport is Joan Gaskill Drive, the road into the Whitianga township. But it is Moewai Road you need for the bike park.

Since 2004, The Whitianga Bike Club has been establishing Whitianga Bike Park by on land leased to them by the Thames Coromandel District Council. The Club has funded it with donations and sponsorship from local businesses. The Park is free for any one to use. Whilst the distances on many trails are short, the park still offers about two to three hours riding for many average riders. Located within the 17 hectares are mountain bike trails in various grades of ability and a BMX track. The BMX track has two loops with the faster leading into the slower which can be entered independently. There is a car park outside the entrance gate in Moewai Rd.

A donation box is located near the BMX Track and BBQ, which we hope you will contribute to. With only few club members, funds are hard to obtain to meet the costs associated with the park such as rental, insurance, and trail building materials for bridges, walls and digger hire. We rely on donations. Whilst in the park please do not smoke. We are surrounded by forests and in the summer it is very dry. In the winter, some of the trails can be very muddy. The Ground Effect Bike Wash Station to clean your bike is close by the entrance. The grading of the trails is based on Mountain Bike NZ grading system.

Note the safety signs at the entrance. We want all riders to wear bike helmets, and BMX riders to wear jeans, long sleeve tee or similar and gloves as well. Some of the walking tracks use the mountain bike trails and others are exclusively walking. Please respect other users when riding the trails

A waterproof trail map is available from Whitianga Information Office in Albert St or the Bikeman in Coghill St at $3.

Other activities have been developed in the area to provide an alternative for members of the family etc who do not wish to ride. Please respect each others rights. The walking tracks are marked.

Carry a mobile phone if you have one. Call 111 for help at tell them what trail you are on. They are all marked.

Have Fun : Carpe Diem (seize the day)
Information on the trails and their grading.

Beginners [being fairly flat and small climbs]

  1. Along side Moewai Rd is FIELDMOUSE. This trail is named after local inhabitants. The trail snakes through the area and is a shell and road metal surface. There are small bridges over the streams as well as skill ramps and some low jumps where you can “air”. Sheep keep the grass short but do not chase them. No dogs permitted in park this paddock. The trail starts inside the main entry gate.

Easy [mostly flat, some gentle climbs and a little more skill needed]

  1. The FUN ZONE is located just inside the entry gate from Moewai Rd. It consists of a series of ramps above the ground, and some see saws. The idea is to learn riding skills. It is an area where young can ride their bikes whilst a parent can sit in their car in the park outside the gate.

  2. Half way around Fieldmouse trail is THE DRAGONS TAIL. This is a series of linked small hills with a trail over them. Ideal for BMX bikes.

  3. SCRATCHY LANE [no longer has two metre high blackberry remains now] Follows the perimeter of the BMX track and dirt track. Access from Quarry trail or Fieldmouse trail after crossing Three Trees bridge. Riding surface mainly shell. Ends at Weta Junction where you can cross to Home trail or carry on along Quarry trail.

  4. HOME trail starts at the end of Park Lane and follows around the base of the hill. It meets Scratchy Lane and Orion’s Belt trails then carries on down past the pump house to Power Pole Bridge and Ground Effect Bike Wash. Green trail markers.

Intermediate [moderate riding with some steep slopes, some tracks are narrow]

  1. QUARRY trail starts inside the entry gate beside Fieldmouse trail but crosses the Power Pole Bridge. Follows the canal before heading uphill to Water Pump Bridge [town water supply pump house] and then on past Weta Junction [it use to be very very wet here] and into the bush. The trail has two Camel Humps for “air” but there is a detour. It passes the old quarry and continues along a flat trail under low trees to join Park Lane at "the Hub". Marked with Blue signs.

  2. CHICKEN trail starts at "the Hub" where Park Lane, Tank and Quarry trails all meet. An easy ride across the quarry face and then through the bush to a drop off at the end where it joins the far end of Park Lane trail.

  3. PARK LANE is two directional from junction with Quarry to the end by the golf course tee, where are the exits of both Hi Octane and Chicken trails. On its way out, it crosses the quarry floor on a log surface, and meets Nuts & Bolts Trail, to meet at "the Hub", Tank Trail and continues through a green tunnel of bush where it meets Top Hat Trail, and Home trail

  4. You enter ORION’S BELT by going left at the exit of Park Lane exit. It follows a bulge around a bluff through manuku scrub, past the entry to Skylark and then a sharp descent on to a forestry access road where it rejoins Home trail.

Advanced [A mixture of climbs, obstacles which may require some walking]

  1. TANK trail access is near the end of Chicken trail. This is an undulating and at times twisty trail through the bush following a contour, and it provides the access to the upper tracks via Summit Loop trail, and to Nuts and Bolts trail. Near the end are the exits of Rattle Snake trail and Top Hat trail in a valley of Nikau palms, and the old water tank. It ends at "the Hub".

  2. NUTS & BOLTS starts from Tank trail. This is a clay based trail and goes through a cutting and then follows a line down the quarry face, crossing Chicken trail to meet Park Lane trail. The only trail markings are caution signs and the “trail cross” sign. Stand on the pedals! It is usually is fairly dry.

  3. SUMMIT LOOP entry is from Tank trail. This trail does just that. It climbs and in parts you have to push the bike to the summit of the hill. You pass the entry to Swinger. At the top it is flat with big trees and three trail options. If you continue on Summit Loop the trail offers an easy exit and a harder exit. Both rejoin the Summit Loop trail. At the top you can enter Hi Octane trail or Rattlesnake trail.

  4. SWINGER trail starts part way up Summit loop. A cruisey ride which swings around the trees and banks. It rejoins Tank but you can continue across Tank into Nuts & Bolts. Most times a good riding surface.

  5. TOP HAT trail entry is near the Park Lane trail exit. This trail climbs up a headland to a magnificent grove of Kauri trees at the top. [Hence the name] You have to push the bike up part of it and then past the trunks of the trees, but it is a great view. After the trees there is a fast descent which swings through the trees and at the bottom a sloping bridge across the stream. Trail gets a bit muddy near the bridge. Water diversions and steps have been added to help riders control their descent. It joins the Tank trail and takes you back to Park Lane.

Expert [Technically challenging, with hazards and drop-offs, plus sharp corners]

  1. TWO GUYS starts on the fenceline above Orions Belt, and crosses both Orions Belt, and Skylark on it’s descent. Exits through the grass.  Very Advanced. [Downhill/free ride specific. Extremely steep sections with jumps]

  2. HI OCTANE starts at the on the summit. Access is via Summit Loop trail. Easy ride through the trees and then a steep twisting steep ride to the bottom. Can be very wet and muddy. Some sharp turns have berms. There are no run out sections on the trail, you must keep moving. Some sharp drops. The exit is by the golf course, at the end of Park Lane which is the way back home and the bike wash.

  3. RATTLE SNAKE also starts from the summit junction but on opposite side of the hill. It joins the Summit Loop downwards trail but then leaves it for a steep descent over logs and small drops until it meets Tank trail in the valley of Nikau palms. Surface is a challenge but fairly dry most times.


  1. Gradings are for average riding conditions. Most rides become more difficult when wet.
  2. Many of the trails are under trees with clay surface. Some have shell on clay.
  3. There is the Ground Effect Bike Wash Station beside the Power Pole Bridge near the entry/exit from Moewai Road carpark.
  4. The carpark is metalled for all weather.
  5. Remember not to disturb sheep when lambing.
  6. No dogs on Fieldmouse trail.
  7. Carry a cell phone if you have one.
  8. Do not enter golf course which is alongside some trails.

The BMX Track

The track is in two sections which link. The first section leads from the starting ramp is faster than section two. It has some high hills for jumping and air with a banked end to the return. It joins the second section which has roll-overs and a banked end to the exit near the start. The starting ramp provides access to the both the faster track and the slower circuit on the left. However give way to any rider on the fast circuit.

The starting ramp is the top of a container that is fenced. Do not climb on or over the fence. Also the sides of the ramp from the container are fenced but do not climb them and keep out of the way of riders

Safety requirements.

Both mountain biking and BMX riding are hazardous sports so care is required.

If you have a mobile telephone then carry it.

Always wear a safety helmet. On mountain bike trails glasses keep surface dust etc from eyes and gloves protect hands when riding the more advanced trails.

On the BMX Track, and the Dirt Jumps, protect your legs, we suggest jeans or armour, and arms with long sleeve shirts.


A portable toilet is near the container at BMX track.

The following Supporters and Sponsors have made this free- to- use park possible:-

NZ Corrections Department:
NZ Pub Charity:
Ground Effect Clothing:
The Bike Man:
Richardsons Real Estate:
Bayleys Realty:
The Lost Spring Pools and Spa:
Subway Whitianga:
Living For Music 88.4 FM:
Auckland Mountain Bike Club:
Thames Coromandel District Council

and some generous supporters

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